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12 Months Forecast Denise 2020

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1 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR DENISE , FROM 01/01/2020 Denise: Interpretations for Transits Twelve Month Transit Report for Denise, starting 1/1/2020 4/5/1978, 05:15 PM BST London, England (51N51, 0W13) Maximum orb: 2 degrees, sorted by Begin Date Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer Copyright 1999-2012 AstroGraph Software - Your future is written in the stars Email: Transiting Neptune in square with natal Neptune 25/2/2019 to 16/4/2020, exact 22/4/2019; exact 23/8/2019 R; exact 21/2/2020 The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This transit profoundly affects your sense of spirituality, and your ideals. Feelings of confusion may also come up for you during this transit, while the square or opposition of transiting Neptune to its natal position is in effect. This transit usually comes at the time of the "mid-life" crisis, around age 42 or so, or else at age 84, when another period of revision and renewal of your life's energies is in effect. You are also probably living out the transiting opposition of Uranus to its natal place at this time, another powerful indicator of fundamental change. At this time, you are in the process of far-reaching re-evaluations. It can be a confusing time, as cherished illusions, which may be the very motivating factors by which you live, come tumbling down and a new basis for re-imaging the fundamental concepts of your life must be found. Your imagination is very active now, for Neptune is the planet of image and illusion. You must be sure to weigh carefully the unsettling concepts that come up for you at this time, for although they speak a new truth to you, they may also exaggerate either the up side or the down side during this period. It is better to wait out the growing maturity of these new concepts, rather than acting rashly in being quick to make massive changes in your life at this time. Transiting Uranus in sextile with natal Jupiter 30/9/2019 to 10/4/2020, exact 20/11/2019 R; exact 1/3/2020 The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. Feelings of restlessness may come up for you in a big way during this transit. You may decide to leave on a trip, or your plans for the future could change, or a planned educational experience may suddenly alter. Existing travel plans are also subject to changes and increased energy during the course of this

2 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2020 FOR DENISE , FROM 01/01/2020 transit. Your faith in yourself may get a jumpstart at this time, altering your aspirations and goals, also your spiritual or religious feelings. You have a real need to express your individuality and your independence at this time, and you have renewed positive energy toward your own uniquely personal goals. Transiting Neptune in trine with natal Midheaven 12/10/2019 to 10/1/2020, no date of exact The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This transit affects public life, including work and career, as well as ego assertion, and the authority figures in your life. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general. Things may be a bit confused for a while. You may identify with fantasy or other forms of illusion. Your dreams and fantasy life could actually become more real for you during this period of time than your "real" life itself. Hard and fast logic doesn't mix well with your personality during this period of time. It is a good time to open yourself up to inner explorations, such as meditation or psycho-therapy. What is the compassion of the universe whispering to you at this time? Could it be urging you toward a more loving and gentle nature? If you are able to sacrifice your own ego-needs for the moment, without bitterness, you may well reap the rewards in future of greater compassion for your fellow man. Transiting Neptune in trine with natal Uranus 15/10/2019 to 7/1/2020, no date of exact The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. Feelings of restlessness and confusion may come up for you during this period of time. You will undoubtedly have new spiritual insights during this period. This transit brings an otherworldly longing to your urge for freedom and spontaneity, and it is likely that you will feel called to find the highest vibration of your own unique expression of yourself in some way. You are drawn to be more sympathetic to others right now, or perhaps sacrifices are required of you, and these events have the effect of altering your self-concept. You may feel like an important piece of yourself has changed utterly, but remember that chaos always precedes the birth of new life, and that rebirth is in your best interest in the long run, however difficult it may be in the short term. Transiting Uranus in sesquiquadrate with natal Neptune 17/11/2019 to 3/3/2020, exact 23/12/2019 R; exact 29/1/2020 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required.

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