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12 Months Forecast Helen

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7 12

7 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR HELEN vitality is also enhanced, and your attitude to life in general. The warlike energy of Mars comes into your personality as a result of this transit, and you may be more argumentative than usual for this brief period of time. Transiting Mars in sesquiquadrate with natal Sun 2/1/2019 to 5/1/2019, exact 4/1/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. You feel more aggressive these days and full of the zest for life. Your will is quite strong and you may also be more argumentative than usual as a result of this transit, so beware of getting into quarrels. You have so much sheer energy at your disposal that you may need to work it off for this brief period of time in some form of physical activity, like sports or weight lifting. There can be tension during this transit, and also good progress toward your goals if you can contain the energy. Transiting Jupiter into natal Eleventh House 3/1/2019 to 15/2/2020, exact 8/1/2019 This is a period of time when you have a fair degree of optimism and enthusiasm for the possibility of a better future. During this transit, which lasts about one year, you may find yourself setting significant personal and planetary goals. You may become more involved with your friends, or with socially motivated groups of people who are striving for a better world. The associations that you make at this time will benefit you long-term. It is therefore a good time to make conscious choices regarding involvement with other people, and the groups that you favor, or just to reevaluate the direction your own life is taking. Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with natal Saturn 4/1/2019 to 25/1/2019, exact 14/1/2019 The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. An excellent opportunity may be about to present itself to you. This is not in any grand design, but rather in focusing on the everyday tasks that constantly present themselves to you and demand your attention. It is a good time for moving ahead with your long-term career or other goals, also a good time to break free of previous setbacks or restrictions. You may be initiating a new phase of social responsibility at this time. Your progress will be slow but sure, and the long-term benefits of this period cannot be denied in your life. Transiting Mars in square with natal Neptune 6/1/2019 to 12/1/2019, exact 9/1/2019

8 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR HELEN The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. Feelings of confusion regarding what you want or what you are trying to accomplish may come up for you during the week or so that this transit is in effect. This transit brings your sense of spirituality, and your ideals, to your desires and actions. You may find that you have new spiritual insights at this time, and also a more disconnected energy than usual, perhaps a sense of confusion in your life. You are tuning into energy that is essentially beyond this physical plane and your desire nature reflects this otherworldly charge. This is a time when you are you are very aware of other points of view, and also very idealistic in pursuing your own agenda. You may even imagine goals for yourself that are more fanciful than realistic or that may never come to fruition. With so many different points of view available to you, there is danger that you may lose yourself in all of the possibilities. This can therefore be a very mystifying period for you. It is also likely that outer events will seemingly conspire against your successes during the brief period of time this transit is in effect. It is necessary at this time to focus on what is truly important to you, and to not be discouraged by seeming setbacks, since every turn in the road serves to further your growing consciousness of what is possible, both in the physical realm and beyond it. Transiting Mars into natal Third House 7/1/2019 to 26/2/2019, exact 9/1/2019 Information comes easily to you and is available for use at this time, and your communications and thought processes partake of an energetic nature. During this transit, for about six weeks, you are adventurous and mentally active and may also find yourself inclined toward sarcasm, or there could be verbal conflicts with friends and relatives. You may need to work through being sharp-tongued or possibly indulging in gossip during this period of time. You are also especially dexterous and creative mechanically. It is important at this time to make good use of your available energy, rather than waste it on idle chatter, or in simply attempting to impose your ideas on other people. Transiting Mars in trine with natal Mercury 7/1/2019 to 13/1/2019, exact 10/1/2019 The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This week-long transit will have the effect of increasing your verbal punch, or the energy with which you express your ideas. Your mind and intellect are positively affected, as well as your communication generally, such as written messages or conversations, also discussions with friends and associates. These

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