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12 Months Forecast Helen

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23 12

23 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR HELEN internalize conflict. You can appear timid shy and retiring at this time, but you are actually quite determined and tend to act from an instinctual level rather than from your conscious will. You may not be aware of your true motivations during this transit, and will benefit from striving for a more conscious approach to conflict resolution. Transiting Mars in quintile with natal Moon 2/3/2019 to 5/3/2019, exact 3/3/2019 The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. You may find yourself expressing anger more openly than you usually do. This can be a benefit, since feelings brought out into the open are thus more available to yourself and others. This aspect also indicates a period of time when action is a more comfortable mode of operation than sitting back and awaiting events. Try not to be too rash in taking action, though, since sometimes the "wait and see" game is best in the long run. Transiting Mars in semi-square with natal Chiron 2/3/2019 to 5/3/2019, exact 3/3/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. For this brief period of time, you will become more conscious of the energy for personal transformation and healing in your life. This will likely mean exposing some form of deepseated pain for the purpose of working through old issues and ultimately healing these issues. During this brief period of time, you may be blessed to provide the impetus for healing to others. You may also feel healing energy come into your life from a meeting with another person during the course of this transit. As another possible result of this transit, issues with ego may come up for you, or issues of self-acceptance versus feelings of rejection. Usually these types of events point to deeper issues which you may not have brought all the way up to your consciousness, but which remain as a source of irritation and frustration operating more or less unconsciously at a deep level of your psyche. These issues may be painful to connect with. But getting in touch with these areas is for your ultimate benefit, for the more integration you can achieve within your psyche, the more whole you are and the more you can bring yourself forward to be of help to other people on the same journey of discovery. Transiting Jupiter in semisquare with natal Midheaven 2/3/2019 to 28/3/2019, exact 12/3/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. This transit affects public life, including work and career, as well as ego assertion, and the

24 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR HELEN authority figures in your life. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general. The peaceful energy of Jupiter comes into your personality as a result of this transit, leading to new levels of faith and understanding. Transiting Mars in square with natal Venus 3/3/2019 to 9/3/2019, exact 6/3/2019 The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. You are full of relationship energy of all kinds during this transit, lasting about a week. You have loads of energy for your intimate partnerships during this period, which may manifest as an enhanced sex drive, or just more of a drive toward closeness and intimacy. Affected also are your sense of aesthetics, and your values generally, and these areas will also be enhanced and energized during the course of this transit. It is a good time to involve yourself in artistic projects, or creative work of any kind. You will undoubtedly be more responsive to your surroundings than usual, and you may also experience an increased sociability at this time. It is a great time to go to a party, or to give one. You are not much interested in work and the harsh realities during this period, being more engaged in love and the joyous abundance of life. Transiting Mars in inconjunct with natal Saturn 6/3/2019 to 9/3/2019, exact 8/3/2019 The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. You are stopped in your tracks in the outward arc of your go power for these few days, but it is a good time for getting serious about what you are actually trying to accomplish. The established structures in your life are likely to demand more of your attention than usual for this brief period of time. It is not a good time for going ahead with large-scale projects, but rather for sticking with routine and accomplishing in little ways. Transiting Neptune in inconjunct with natal Sun 6/3/2019 to 6/5/2019, exact 2/4/2019 The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. Things may be a bit confused for a while. You may identify with fantasy or other forms of illusion during the period of time this transit is in effect. Hard and fast logic just doesn't mix well with your personality during this transit. The primary truth being urged upon you at this time is compassion, greater compassion for all of mankind. This transit represents a renewed connection with that

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