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12 Months Forecast Yuna

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23 12

23 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR YUNA comes into your personality as a result of this transit, and you may be more argumentative than usual for this brief period of time. Transiting Chiron in semisquare with natal Jupiter 6/3/2019 to 9/4/2019, exact 24/3/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. Your religious philosophy and broad intellectual framework are subject to a certain amount of re-examination now. Painful experiences in these areas could lead you to a new outlook on life. Also during the course of this transit, you may have issues arise related to travel or other methods of broadening your intellectual horizons. If you look deeply within yourself you may be able to find the answer to questions that come up for you at this time, and move closer to a true synthesis of your lower and higher natures. This synthesis will be as rewarding, in the end, as the experience of getting to it was painful at the time. Then you will be able to use your newfound integration to advantage in sharing your vision for the world with other likeminded individuals, in order to help make that vision a reality for yourself and for society as well. Transiting Mars in semi-square with natal Mars 8/3/2019 to 11/3/2019, exact 9/3/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. Your aggressive urge is primed for action at this time. This week-long transit stimulates your outward-directed activity, assertiveness and also pure animal passion. You are full of vibrant energy, and may need an outlet such as sports or another form of physical activity to relieve the tension building inside of you. Your will is strong right now, and you may find yourself more argumentative than usual, so beware of quarrels, or possibly accidents. You may find great clarity in knowing exactly what you want in your life during the brief period of time this transit is in effect. Transiting Mars in square with natal Jupiter 8/3/2019 to 14/3/2019, exact 11/3/2019 The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. You are likely to have beneficial contacts with other people, and have positive feelings come up for you in regard to important interpersonal relationships during the period of time this transit is in effect. You are full of enthusiasm for projects and moving ahead during this approximately week-long transit, and you benefit by tempering your confidence with just a bit of pessimism, for balance. You may have so much physical energy that you need to seek an outlet for it

24 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR YUNA in sports or related activities. Travel is another urge that may come over you at this time. You are also likely find contact with the opposite sex quite pleasant and rewarding during the course of this transit. Overall, you will find you have much greater energy than usual, and your renewed sense of optimism may give you great clarity of purpose. There is a higher purpose to your activity at this time, beyond merely striving for ego gratification. Any activities that you engage in during this time will be very productive for you in longterm results, provided that you keep in balance and refrain from overdoing it. Transiting Mars in inconjunct with natal Uranus 8/3/2019 to 11/3/2019, exact 10/3/2019 The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This week-long transit affects your urge for freedom and spontaneity. Feelings of restlessness may come up for you during this relatively brief period of time. You may be very conscious of your urge for freedom, or your need to find your own unique individual expression of yourself. You may have new spiritual insights or your will to be different may be more powerful. You may also be more impulsive than usual under this influence. Transiting Saturn in inconjunct with natal Sun 8/3/2019 to 14/4/2019, exact 22/3/2019 The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. At this time you are more aware than usual of your limitations and responsibilities. Your self-expression, including your creative potential and your sense of well-being, may appear to be somewhat stifled during this period, and more focus is brought to these areas as a result. Your physical vitality may also be shut down. This transit is good for digging in and getting down to the nitty-gritty of what you are really trying to accomplish. Try to accompany all the hard work with a healthy dose of pleasure. The key lies in balancing the energy to achieve and the energy to just be, without needing to achieve. Transiting Neptune in sesquiquadrate with natal Pluto 8/3/2019 to 8/5/2019, exact 4/4/2019 The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This transit brings the consciousness of universal oneness to your own urge for selftransformation and regeneration. You will undoubtedly have new spiritual insights during this period. You are in the midst of farreaching changes at this time, although they may seem more underground than on the surface of your awareness. Feelings of

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