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12 Months Forecast Yuna

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31 12

31 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR YUNA The energy you have for others is changing in some previously unexplored fashion. Even your values or your aesthetic sense could undergo a shake-up during this period of time. These changes are likely to bring on unsettled thoughts and feelings as the underpinnings of your life alter around you. These unsettled feelings may find their outlet in some form of artistic creativity during this period of time. If you are already involved in the arts, you may experiment with new media or techniques under the influence of this transit. The most likely area of your life to experience alteration is your close personal relationships. Usually these relationship changes have been waiting in the wings, so to speak, for some time, and only now are you ready to admit them into your conscious awareness. Any relationships that have accumulated a sense of unconscious frustration over time are now likely to change. Some relationships may end entirely, or they may transform into a new pattern, better suited to your changing needs. It is important during this period of time to remember that you can't go back -- change is vital if you are to grow as a human being, since life itself is change. Transiting Neptune in square with natal Sun 8/4/2019 to 9/9/2019, no date of exact The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. Things may be a bit confused for a while. Under the influence of this transit, you may meet with situations requiring you to relinquish some of your normal judgment and control. Whatever the events - or perhaps no external events can be specifically named - you may suffer a loss of faith in yourself as a result of this transit. Sometimes circumstances that are thrust upon us and seem to bode ill, or at least to represent a new and unwelcome departure from the ordinary are in fact operating in our own best interest in the long term. The primary truth being urged upon you at this time is compassion, greater compassion for all of mankind. This transit represents a renewed connection with this most basic part of yourself, your loving and gentle nature. If you are able to sacrifice your own ego-needs for the moment, without bitterness, you may well in future reap the rewards of greater compassion both for and also from your fellow man. Transiting Mars into natal Eighth House 9/4/2019 to 30/5/2019, exact 10/4/2019 This can be a time of significant change, as you reap the rewards of your interpersonal contacts with others, and encounter deep feelings that can become the basis for farreaching transformation in your life. During

32 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2019 FOR YUNA this transit, for about six weeks, your instinctive level is very powerful, and you may be fond of getting your own way. Your urge for personal security is also strong at this time. When higher consciousness is involved, there is healing energy for the relationships in your life. If on the other hand you take the low road during this transit, you could be quarrelsome and self-indulgent. In any case, you will benefit by cultivating self-discipline, and striving for higher consciousness and less selfish motivations. Transiting Mars in inconjunct with natal Ascendant 10/4/2019 to 13/4/2019, exact 12/4/2019 The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This transit give a boost to your selfexpression, including your creative potential and your sense of well-being. Your physical vitality is also enhanced, and your attitude to life in general. The warlike energy of Mars comes into your personality as a result of this transit, and you may be more argumentative than usual for this brief period of time. Transiting Mars in conjunction with natal Chiron 11/4/2019 to 18/4/2019, exact 14/4/2019 The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. For this brief period of time, you will become more conscious of the energy for personal transformation and healing in your life. This will likely mean exposing some form of deepseated pain for the purpose of working through old issues and ultimately healing these issues. During this brief period of time, you may be blessed to provide the impetus for healing to others. You may also feel healing energy come into your life from a meeting with another person during the course of this transit. As another possible result of this transit, issues with ego may come up for you, or issues of self-acceptance versus feelings of rejection. Usually these types of events point to deeper issues which you may not have brought all the way up to your consciousness, but which remain as a source of irritation and frustration operating more or less unconsciously at a deep level of your psyche. These issues may be painful to connect with. But getting in touch with these areas is for your ultimate benefit, for the more integration you can achieve within your psyche, the more whole you are and the more you can bring yourself forward to be of help to other people on the same journey of discovery. Transiting Neptune in semisquare with natal Venus 15/4/2019 to 30/8/2019, exact 30/5/2019; exact 14/7/2019 R The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required.

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