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Compatibility Report Eva and Ramon

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25 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON to cling to past behaviors, and resist the pull of the new, but it is better not to struggle against your destiny. Ramon's Pluto in sextile (within 3.2 degrees) with Eva's Midheaven The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Pluto in flowing relation with partner's Midheaven, brings powerful purpose to your relationship, along with development and depth of character. The nature of Pluto is to realize and transform its objectives, and this impulse is part of your partnership energy, so that you are likely to accomplish much together as a team. You may be drawn into areas such as healing, depth psychology or research. This aspect also supports regeneration careers, such as recycling or criminal rehabilitation. There is a powerful drive to succeed, with the likelihood of gain economically. In a romantic context, there is a strong movement for sexual connection and growth between you. There may be a sense of coming together for karmic reasons or to break up old patterns. One person, likely Ramon, provides incentive and development of profound purpose, in support of the relationship goals, while Eva provides focus and leadership. The sexual link between you is strong, and there is incredible potential for powerful and profound achievement together. In addition to bringing forth issues and healing them in your own personal lives you may participate in planetary healing as well. Ramon's Ascendant in sesquiquadrate (within 1.0 degrees) with Eva's Sun Leading planet of planetary pattern The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This aspect, of Sun in minor dynamic relation to partner's Ascendant symbolizes light, creativity, purpose, and enjoyment in your relationship. Yet there are some subtle differences in style, or of type, which has the potential for conflict, testing individual acceptance and patience between you. You can form a balance by utilizing the creative vitality you share for united purpose, aligning your individual and unique natures. In a romantic connection, you are attracted to each other, although you may have differing goals, or a dissimilarity of style, drive or physical appearance. You continually operate in some type of creative mode with each other. You bring light to one another, with a sense of beauty and physical appeal. Your childlike natures are likely to come out through this relationship, and the potential for mutual enjoyment is high. However the motivations you carry into worldly purpose may not coincide, or you may prefer to work in different areas. Combining your goals as a

26 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR EVA AND RAMON united front requires effort and forms of compromise. Ramon's Ascendant in opposition (within 3.2 degrees) with Eva's Venus The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of Venus in conjunction or opposition with partner's Ascendant, symbolizes strong feelings of affection between the partners. Your relationship has a great deal of personal warmth, harmony, and pleasure, as well as the likelihood of social interaction with friends or associates. Economic activity is encouraged between you, and your partnership has definite earning potential. It is also possible that artistic endeavors form an important basis for your partnership connection. In a romantic context, you share warmth and material values, and bathe in relaxed receptive loving sensations with each other, with displays of beauty and fashion interest, or selfexpression involving art or music. You have a magnetic appeal for each other, and the attraction is strong, with perhaps one of you aligned more deeply with the feelings or purposes of their partner. The relationship motive between you is well supported, with Eva likely to bring love, beauty, and affection to Ramon. There can be much mutual pleasure. You enjoy making purchases together. There is a strong sense of shared aesthetics between you, and the attraction, appeal and sensuality that exists can also spill over into many other areas. This aspect describes an entirely pleasurable and harmonious connection between you. Ramon's Ascendant in sextile (within 2.3 degrees) with Eva's Ascendant The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. Ramon's Midheaven in semisextile (within 0.1 degrees) with Eva's Ascendant The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information.

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