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Compatibility Report Helen and Oliver

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25 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR HELEN AND OLIVER The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Pluto in square with partner's Midheaven, brings powerful purpose to your relationship, along with development and depth of character. There also could be problem areas such as hidden motivations, authority and control issues which can arise between you, or ego conflicts in which the strength of purpose between you turns into battlefield intensity. The nature of Pluto is to realize and transform its objectives, and this impulse is part of your partnership energy, so that if you can achieve unity you are likely to accomplish much together as a team. You may be drawn into areas such as healing, depth psychology or research. This aspect also supports regeneration careers, such as recycling or criminal rehabilitation. There is a powerful drive to succeed, with strong ambition between you to gain economically. In a romantic context, there is a strong movement for sexual connection and growth between you, and there may be a sense of coming together for karmic reasons or to break up old patterns, although ego conflict is also possible, or two leaders wishing to take charge. You should beware of potential antagonism or power plays, and it is important to steer clear of resentment or any alteration of feeling that may occur. One person, likely Helen, provides incentive and development of profound purpose, and may also instigate and be the protagonist in these dramas, while Oliver provides focus and leadership. The sexual link between you is strong, but may not mix well with business or shared objectives, and there are always the control issues, but if you can exercise discipline and thus achieve unity in your relationship there is incredible potential for powerful and profound achievement together. In addition to bringing forth issues and healing them in your own personal lives you may participate in planetary healing as well. Oliver's Midheaven in square (within 5.7 degrees) with Helen's Midheaven The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. Your Midheavens are square to each other. You may have quite different jobs in the same focus area. There could also be direct conflict of goals and purposes. You may not agree, or choose to agree despite differences. This compromise forces attention to accepting opposites or varying characters, and your very different styles. You may make the most of this with positive accentuation of your individualities, and allowing, and supporting them towards similar goals, or by permitting freedom to work towards widely separate objectives without complaint or restraint.

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