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Compatibility Report Linh and Aran

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11 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of the Moon in conjunction with partner's Ascendant, represents a strong emotional connection, and reflects your desire as a partnership for comfort and security. You protect and take care of each other and increase each other's well-being, with a strong sense of family bond between you. In a romantic context, your passions and emotional perspectives are shared, for growth aligned with family goals, and enhanced by a beneficial feeling of camaraderie. This aspect symbolizes harmony and strength in your relationship. You tune into each other's needs, with Aran stronger in nurturing while Linh brings light and service to the partnership. Your emotional natures are quite similar, and you feel happy and nurtured in just being with each other. Family is an important part of your union, as well as children or the creative offspring of some shared purpose. Together you have a workable and dependable connection that promotes mutual healing. Aran's Ascendant in strong sextile (within 0.3 degrees) with Linh's Midheaven The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. Aran's Midheaven in strong trine (within 1.0 degrees) with Linh's Mercury Angular planet - conjunct Ascendant The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Mercury in flowing relation with partner's Midheaven, gives you an excellent basis for communication, especially regarding partnership goals and objectives. You work together well in a helpful and detailoriented partnership, which may involve educational or other work with young people. Linh is likely to be the more able communicator, who brings precision and effort, while Aran holds space for leadership and focus. Public works, media and civic duties could all be involved, and also the implicit understanding between you of your shared purpose. In a romantic context, you enjoy the benefits of excellent communication skills with each other, as well as good conversation, directed and on target for practical effect. There is at least some degree of intellectual pursuit in the relationship mix, and you may well have educational goals as a partnership. You may have met through school, or in some other educational format or via computer work. Siblings and friends could also be connected to the purpose you share. In any case, you can expect order and precision in your

12 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN relationship, along with meaningful and productive exchanges with each other. Aran's Sun in semi-square (within 0.2 degrees) with Linh's Moon The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. The Sun and Moon in minor dynamic relation between your two charts symbolizes a great deal of closeness and shared interests between you. There are differences in temperament indicated, but most likely these will not pose any great trouble between you. You are likely to experience a conscious awareness of your emotional states, with lots of nurturing, and open feelings, desire for comforts and bonding, especially within the home environment. In a romantic context, this is on the whole a good connection, for warmth, camaraderie, pleasurable exchanges and strong affinity. You like each other, and feel comfortable and comforted, with a likelihood of long term union or at least friendship. The family may come together through you, or you may build a family and children together. You may discover considerable enjoyment of things of the past or history, as well as general enthusiasm together. Since the Moon is involved, each of your feminine and softer sides will likely be brought forward by this relationship. Aran's Sun in quintile (within 0.2 degrees) with Linh's Uranus The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. This aspect, of Sun in flowing relation with partner's Uranus, symbolizes a changeable relationship, with an element of mental stimulation that promotes excitement and creative flair. It is likely that Linh brings much stimulation and change as well as unusual enjoyment to Aran. Something calls the two of you to a broader type of relationship, with widespread interests, and often of a humanitarian or multi-cultural character. In a romantic context there is some unique attraction that stimulates your interaction. You have a good basis of friendship and support for each other, and may also be inventively sensual together. You can apply your good rapport into reaching each other in unique ways; and you may experience unusual partnering connections. You may find that your relationship brings brothers and sisters into the picture, or people of other races or creeds, and you may wish to explore science together, or perhaps film, or other cultural areas. Life between you may be in a continual state of flux, creating the need for readjustment. There is also a spiritual component, as you go through many changes, by giving up and going "with the flow" of unusual surprises and much good fellowship encountered along the way. You have a good start on a dynamic and exciting, and possibly

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