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Compatibility Report Linh and Aran

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13 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN world shaking partnership, although there is an erratic side to your connection that may incite discordant feelings between you. If you allow ultimate freedom and independence for each other, you benefit in what becomes a unique and evolved form of relationship. Aran's Moon in semi-square (within 0.8 degrees) with Linh's Neptune The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. This aspect, of the Moon in minor dynamic relation with partner's Neptune, represents a relationship of great sensitivity and mutual rapport, but with the strong possibility of misunderstandings or illusions coming up between you. Concerns may be brought up but not acted upon or one partner's reactions may be misinterpreted despite good intentions. These emotional reactions need to be aligned with a more mature spiritual understanding. The contact between you may be stressful at times, but also may be about congenial, warm, and open sharing. Also included in your relationship is shared creativity in the arts, or music, perhaps caring for the sick and elderly, or for other disadvantaged groups. In a romantic context, this aspect indicates a spiritual love, with sympathy and compassion between you, feeling supportive of each other in creative or artistic ways. There may also be an illusive nature to the interchange between you. You also have an intuitive telepathic connection with each other, and you may find psychic receptivity to others as well, such as friends and family. When working together, you may also find yourselves to be more willing to do things for other people. You may also encounter a tendency to fantasize or live in a world of illusions, and might do well to set some limits for yourselves in this regard. When not balanced by reality checks, you may feel uncertain, or moods can swing, or adjustments you try to make may not felt to be effective later on. Together, you are likely to find areas of service to others, such as in spiritual institutions, or with the arts and music. Aran's Mercury in quintile (within 2.3 degrees) with Linh's Sun The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. With this aspect you have a terrific basis for communication in your relationship. There is also a great potential for teaching and learning new things through your partnership. Linh is likely the teacher, while Aran, possibly younger, is more eager to learn. You undoubtedly have sharp and witty exchanges, and many interests in common. Your relationship is likely to involve siblings and many social contacts; outside interests may charm you more than being at home. In a romantic context, this is an excellent contact, symbolizing mutual exchange, and shared interest, a quickening of your goals and

14 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN visions together. You enjoy lively interaction, the movement of travel, or of exploring ideas together. You work together well, with room for inventive fantasy as well as practical understanding, enlivening loving approaches and shared purpose. Planning and organizing together is beneficial for you, with agreements strongly and clearly made. Most likely the two of you will have a happy connection with each other, productive of joy and wisdom. Aran's Mercury in semi-sextile (within 1.0 degrees) with Linh's Saturn The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. This aspect, of Mercury in dynamic relation with partner's Saturn, indicates the potential for restrictions, disputes or disagreement in your relationship. You may find that you move in opposite directions, travel plans may not be not well supported, or cooperation may be hindered. The tendency is for Linh to be somewhat critical, discouraging, or apt to judgment. On the plus side, this aspect also reflects necessary submitting to control and the awareness of proper boundaries. Also, Aran may learn much from Linh in the course of the relationship. In a romantic context, this aspect may possibly enhance and deepen your connection by providing stability. The effect of Linh may be to slow down and present obstacles to the aims and ideas of Aran. Relationship growth is possible through shared agreements well thought out. You are challenged to move through these difficulties to a higher purpose and forge a lasting bond with each other. Aran's Mercury in square (within 2.4 degrees) with Linh's Ascendant and Aran's Ascendant in semi-sextile (within 1.2 degrees) with Linh's Mercury. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Mercury in square with partner's Ascendant, represents a mental challenge, or cross stimulation between you. There may be inappropriate communication, travel plans not clarified, or exchanges of ideas that one or the other does not resonate with. Criticism by one partner for the other and verbal disputes between you are also possible. You also may well pursue creative outlets together, such as in information fields, writing or perhaps media analysis. In a romantic context, you enjoy sharing in arts or entertainment fields. You have a strong desire to communicate with each other, and will have many lively and stimulating discussions together, although the possibility exists that there may be poor communication that does not mesh with your partnership

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