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Compatibility Report Linh and Aran

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21 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN productive of higher wisdom and the joy of just being together. Aran's Ascendant in sextile (within 3.7 degrees) with Linh's Neptune The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect of Neptune in flowing relation with partner's Ascendant, indicates a spiritualizing influence of your relationship that affects both partners. Together you are likely to have a focus of artistic creativity, and perhaps also of service or being helpful to others. Linh is likely to embody these qualities, while Aran receives the benefit. This aspect also indicates inspiration, sympathy, and perhaps confusion. There may be some sacrifice of material for spiritual values, and compassion and sacrifice come into play as well. Support is available in your relationship to heal, to be sensitive, and to feel reverence and devotion. Creativity between you will be applied with good results, although practicality is not the strongest point in your connection. In a romantic context, there is intuitive sharing, sympathy and an empathic connection with your partner, the telepathic feeling of wisdom beyond knowing, with a sharing of artistic senses, as well as sensual enjoyment, especially of water and the ocean. Lack of attachment to earthly things may involve you in other-worldly pursuits. There may be some form of caretaking of one for the other, or sympathetic feelings, giving without need of return, perhaps sacrificing for one another, generally a sensitivity to each other's feelings and hopes. Some dissolving of issues, and patterns, and loss of practicality, perhaps living in a fantasy world of dreamy desire. Yet your relationship overall is spiritually positive, with trust and faith between you that will grow. There is much love and compassion, gentle simplicity, and there is likely to be a sense of sensual enjoyment between you as well. Aran's Midheaven in trine (within 4.3 degrees) with Linh's Sun The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of the Sun in flowing relation with partner's Midheaven indicates shared purpose and mutual objectives, usually with some recognition or rewards in creative areas, perhaps sports, entertainment, business, or leadership roles. There can be mutual benefit, with one partner being the producer/director while the other is the actor, to choose an example from film work. It is likely that one partner, perhaps Aran, is the more compelling leader, while the other contributes a strong second to the original motion. In a romantic connection, there is likely to be a strong attraction between you, since you share goals and achievement. You have an invitation to succeed and rise to higher purpose together, whether creative, or with children, or for just plain fun with each other. Public life may be

22 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN involved, and the possibility is also there for some authoritarian disagreements, although more likely creativity and enjoyment are increased when you are together. You will feel brighter, more playful, and more alive to your shared purpose through this relationship. Aran's Midheaven in opposition (within 4.2 degrees) with Linh's Moon The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of the Moon in opposition with partner's Midheaven represents a nurturing and supportive relationship, with a drive to success. You express your emotions strongly to each other, and actively participate in each other's achievements. You will likely find that you have a mutual alignment with shared goals, which could be familial, business, or security-oriented. In a romantic context, there is attraction between you, with family oriented responses to each other and a strong desire to achieve mutual goals, although with the possibility of competitive attitudes between you as well. This aspect inclines toward good communication between you, together with a degree of good-natured banter and "one-upsmanship". It is likely that Linh will be nurturing and supportive of the career goals of Aran, while Aran will feel like nesting with Linh, so indications are good for a mutually supportive domestic partnership. Aran's Midheaven in inconjunct (within 1.5 degrees) with Linh's Uranus The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect, of Uranus in minor dynamic relation with partner's Midheaven, may make for disorder, or lack of agreement between the partners, perhaps with one wishing to conserve, the other to innovate. This relationship also has the potential for very wide acceptance, good friendship, and broadminded viewpoints between you. You come together with a view to change humanity, and alert the world to new visions. The technological, scientific, and multi-cultural hold appeal for you, and work in these areas is supported. In a romantic context, this aspect indicates a relationship that is mildly offsetting, and may be impersonal, as outside conditions could be the cause of disorder or complications between you. The practical in your relationship does not mix well with changing conditions, yet the combination can produce insight and many unique attributes of productive work. Unusual success can come through your involvement with each other. It is best not to try to control or limit the freedoms and unique character of your partner by forcing them into old habits or

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