3 years ago

Compatibility Report Linh and Aran

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23 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN directions. This relationship needs space and openness to work well. Aran's Midheaven in inconjunct (within 1.5 degrees) with Linh's Neptune The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect, of Neptune in minor dynamic relation with partner's Midheaven gives you a good basis for spiritual endeavors with each other. Your partnership is aligned with mystical purpose, involving potentially the arts, drama, music, perhaps areas of the occult or psychic powers, and healing. Mutual support for each other is implied, and also creative effort and there may be a sense of sacrifice, or burdens which you feel necessary to maintain together, but these can turn into joys with the compassion that comes through shared inspiration and service. In a romantic context, you encounter loving support and spiritual values in your relationship, a calm, congenial feeling that sustains life goals not depending on material manifestation. You are extremely sensitive to each other's emotions, and there can be telepathic support for each other, with much idealism and mutual devotion.

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