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Compatibility Report Linh and Aran

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1 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN Compatibility Report for Linh and Aran Linh: 10/12/1991, 09:30 PM GMT Taipei, Taiwan (25N05, 121E53) Aran: 15/3/1982, 09:30 PM AWST Taichu, Taiwan (24N15, 121E08) Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer Copyright 1999-2012 AstroGraph Software - Your future is written in the stars Email: Important Features Aran's Sun in square (within 6.3 degrees) with Linh's Sun The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of the Sun in your chart in square with partner's Sun, is the indicator of a strong connection with each other, which may sometimes blend in harmony, sometimes highlight your separate points of view. This aspect can indicate conflicts of will between the partners, in that the two of you either feel or think differently, or that you regularly move in different directions. The challenge is of differing characteristics trying to work together, like fire with water, or feeling with thinking. You can resolve these difficulties, and move toward dynamic creativity together, by combining mature selfexpression with friendly appreciation for each other's separate strengths. In a romantic connection, you may feel a dramatic pull and chemistry, which can ignite passion between you. Although there is attraction, you may also feel at odds, of different motives. The potential is there for a long-term investment of time and energy if you are willing to work for it. Since your creative urges can be denied or misaligned, compromise is called for and should be actively sought if there is to be productive work accomplished between the two of you. You may agree to disagree, and when conciliation is achieved by at least one of you adjustments to the other's point of view can come readily. You are likely to encounter an experience of strength in one way or another, either in diverse functioning to assist you both from separate areas, or just in feeling the wisdom of balancing on different sides of the beam. Aran's Mars in strong sextile (within 2.4 degrees) with Linh's Sun The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Sun in flowing relation with partner's Mars, symbolizes positive selfexpression, action, and mobility in your partnership energy, together with a sense of

2 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR LINH AND ARAN shared purpose. Together, you will be capable of rapid progress toward your goals, with up attitudes, helpfulness and just going for it. You will find abundant support by Aran for the strong leadership of Linh, as you keep focus on the mutual awareness of vital life pursuits, and your drive to succeed together. In a romantic context, physical attraction and sexual compatibility is strong. You may be inclined as a couple toward exercise and athletics. Together, you are fiery and determined, and ignite each other with drive and passion. This aspect symbolizes the principle of energy and motivation. You may be destined to accomplish much as a partnership, especially since there is likely to be support for permitting self-expression and independence in each other. Your passionate drive together leads to much doing, and enjoyable physical expression. There can be a sense of leading others as well, or taking charge of life together. Aran's Saturn in strong sextile (within 2.4 degrees) with Linh's Sun The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. With this aspect, of Sun to partner's Saturn, you may find awareness of limitations and responsibilities, and a sense of significance or fatedness which comes from being with each other. The two of you together can be very dependable and productive. Some restructuring will occur for Linh, who may learn needed lessons of discipline through Aran. In a romantic connection, this aspect symbolizes much wisdom and practical caring for each other, which is good support for a long term commitment such as marriage. There is likely to be a good balance of energy from work into play, and creativity into directed concentrated effort, as each of you leads the other into joyous responsibilities, and responsible joys. There may be an implication of necessary boundaries expressed in your partnership. With this aspect, also, you will find practical wisdom and even leadership to high degrees. This can be a sobering connection between you, but one which enhances both partners' empowerment and purpose. Sometimes these roles get reversed, but generally speaking, Linh gives light to, and is allowing and forgiving toward Aran, and Aran serves to facilitate greater focus of Linh's more widespread and expansive consciousness. Aran's Neptune in conjunction (within 8.7 degrees) with Linh's Sun and Aran's Sun in quintile (within 2.8 degrees) with Linh's Neptune. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension.

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