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Compatibility Report Mary and Ben

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11 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN This aspect, of Mercury in dynamic relation with partner's Pluto, represents a relationship that can be keenly introspective, yet also dynamic and active. One partner may seem to be able to plumb to the depth of the other's psyche. Communications between you are deeply involving, with a sense of exploring the unknown, and may involve many divergent topics, or possibly taboo ones. There is a urge to develop understanding between you, to realize how the other one thinks. In a romantic context, this aspect promotes serious depth of mental connection, dynamic communication empowerment, and deep thoughts shared, perhaps feelings that you are linked somehow from the past. You experience realizations about your backgrounds, patterns, or natures; the empathy you feel with each other is fascinating, and can also help you work together powerfully and well. You may readily adapt to change in the course of the relationship. Changes are likely in both partners, which may include broadening the horizons of Mary, or Ben learning not to dominate the communication as much. This aspect indicates an excellent basis in your relationship for planning, for study that goes into the depths of a matter, as well as strong and intense communication between you, regarding the wide range of interests you share. You may also experience a strong degree of perfectionism between you, some higher form of function in a specific area that is unique to your relationship. The deeper and more hidden factors of your relationship will come to the surface, as you find ways to deal with these subtleties together, hopefully and creatively. You make excellent coworkers, with opportunities for building ideas together, planing for the future, or sharing research and study of the occult, metaphysical matters, health and healing practice, perhaps involving institutions. You may also become involved as a partnership with issues of investigation and direct understanding by the intuitive mind. You may uncover connections to healing, or new forms of regeneration of body, mind, and spirit. Ben's Venus in strong trine (within 0.7 degrees) with Mary's Mars The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Mars in flowing relation with partner's Venus, inclines toward warm affection between the partners, especially in cases where the opposite sex is involved. It can also symbolize drive for economic gain or higher purpose with each other, and for sharing the enjoyments of life together. You are likely to find affection and personal creativity on some level. In a romantic context, you balance charm and energy, bringing peaceful cooperation, or active romance. This aspect speaks of warmth through shared chemistry, of socially active lifestyle, with strong physical enjoyment and sensual affection. Similar taste and style

12 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN between the partners is highlighted. This aspect also symbolizes higher forms of compromise between you, and evolution of purpose, perhaps leading to love and commitment. Ben's Saturn in inconjunct (within 0.2 degrees) with Mary's Mars Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler and Ben's Mars in quintile (within 2.2 degrees) with Mary's Saturn. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this aspect, of Mars in minor dynamic relation with partner's Saturn, there is the potential for leadership by one partner, but this also may be experienced as restriction. Ambition and leadership in the relationship can become issues of control, as one tries to get ahead of the other. There may be restraint, perhaps restriction of Mary by Ben, but Ben also supplies needed discipline for the partnership. In a romantic context, this aspect can be a slight deficit in restricting passion, drive, or energy between you. Controlling behavior on the part of Ben may seem like criticism and Mary may feel the need to express more freely and spontaneously. You benefit by agreement on shared goals and consciously working together, with the awareness of one partner as the driving energy, the other as welcomed discipline and focus of direction. BenMary Ben's Neptune in strong trine (within 0.3 degrees) with Mary's Mars Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect, of Mars in flowing relation with partner's Neptune, indicates a spiritually rich relationship. Together, your creative values support art, drama, and music, or perhaps mystical investigations. A willingness to sacrifice for the higher good may also be included, with an inclination to do work in the helping professions together, or to support the needy. In a romantic context, you encounter powerful emotions, sensuality, and subtle emotional excitement. There is also a strong inspiration present for compassionate action together. This is about highlighting the sensitivity of the physical to the spiritual, creative, or artistic. Combined, these elements can make for a productive and uplifting relationship, to broaden scope and align with higher goals, spiritually, or in the service of practical areas of life. Ben's Pluto in strong opposition (within 0.9 degrees) with

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