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Compatibility Report Mary and Ben

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15 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN which may also extend to other people as well. Areas of focus may include bringing into accord spirituality and business, or work in the healing professions. In a romantic context, you are helpful and supportive of each other's needs. Mary may be the more practical partner, who keeps focus and makes effective use of partnership energy, while Ben has the will to serve and give to their partner. Mary may impose limits, while the more giving and spiritual Ben will accept this point of view with tolerance. There is sanctuary for you both in this arrangement. With this aspect, you also may find illusions regarding partnership agreements, or issues of overdependency, or inhibitions, or simply that one person does not acknowledge the boundaries of the other. Your relationship has a great ability to forgo problem areas, bear burdens, tolerate conditions, and you may feel the need to spiritually restructure yourselves in response to this relationship. Ben's Midheaven in strong square (within 1.7 degrees) with Mary's Midheaven The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. Your Midheavens are square to each other. You may have quite different jobs in the same focus area. There could also be direct conflict of goals and purposes. You may not agree, or choose to agree despite differences. This compromise forces attention to accepting opposites or varying characters, and your very different styles. You may make the most of this with positive accentuation of your individualities, and allowing, and supporting them towards similar goals, or by permitting freedom to work towards widely separate objectives without complaint or restraint. Ben's Sun in trine (within 6.1 degrees) with Mary's Moon The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With the Sun and Moon in flowing relation between your two charts, you have a good connection with each other. This aspect symbolizes a great deal of closeness and shared interests between you. You will enjoy conscious awareness of your emotional states, with lots of nurturing, and open feelings, desire for comforts and bonding together, especially within a home or other secure environment. In a romantic context, this is a wonderful connection, for warmth, camaraderie, pleasurable exchanges and strong affinity. You like each other, and feel comfortable and comforted, with a likelihood of long term union or at least friendship. This aspect makes for real identity merging, and loving feeling between you. It symbolizes passion and romantic feeling, harmony of goals and unconditional sharing, strong emotional bonding, perhaps marriage or the equivalent. The family may come together

16 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN through you, or you may build a family and children together. There is a sense of fairness and equality, with loyalty, protectiveness, and working for security. Ben tends to be the stronger, with Mary the more devoted or giving. Although problems may arise with both of you wishing to be in control, these issues are usually resolved through the same pattern of giving and receiving, with each appreciating the unique qualities of the other. You may discover considerable enjoyment of things of the past or history, as well as general enthusiasm together. Since the Moon is involved, each of your feminine and softer sides will likely be brought forward by this relationship. Ben's Sun in square (within 5.7 degrees) with Mary's Pluto The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Sun in square with partner's Pluto, symbolizes transformation and radical change as an important part of your relationship. It signals potential major life changes, with empowerment and growth for both partners, although there may be unconscious antagonisms between you which are difficult although very rewarding to work out. Authoritative control on the part of one partner can become manipulative, or turn into bullying. There is some deep level of connection which works for change in each of you, as relatively unconscious behaviors surface and potentially explode. As you work through these issues you may decide to give up the battle, or else you may discover untapped sources of strength as your partnership evolves, bringing a renewed confidence, and awareness of your true path. In a romantic context, this aspect represents a contact that is strongly even overwhelmingly powerful, sensual and passionate in sexual expression. This is a difficult aspect, indicating will and passion, and also some degree of conflict, within the partnership. There are likely to be issues of ego between you, or the direction one partner takes may appear selfish to the other. There may be a reforming attitude on the part of one of the partners, and obsession or other excessive behavior is also possible. You may also feel a magnetic attraction for each other, and may feel some sense of having known each other in a past life or other depth connection. There are difficulties to be worked through however, including the possibility of deceit within the partnership, or friction and resistance to authority may lead to vindictive behavior. These secretive and withheld areas can become destructive forces, or else can become issues to be worked through together. This can be incredibly challenging, but still you can overcome these drawbacks, as a partnership, and learn the depth of your own true nature, of your ability to evolve and grow in any circumstance. Change is inevitable through

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