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Compatibility Report Mary and Ben

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17 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN your relationship, as you confront in order to replace those portions of behavior that have outgrown their usefulness. Ben's Moon in opposition (within 4.0 degrees) with Mary's Mercury The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of the Moon in opposition with partner's Mercury, symbolizes a congenial and graceful rapport with each other. With this aspect, your feelings are easily communicated to your partner. Your instincts are to change and learn together; there is likely to be sense of personal transition brought about by this relationship, a feeling of something new and different in your lives. Mary will be excited and moved by Ben's ideas, and Mary will act as an enabler for the emotional or unconscious drives of Ben. Emotions and mental vision are well blended between you, and you work together smoothly as a team. Although there may be minor irritations caused by your different points of view, for the most part these complement and sustain each other rather than resulting in real discord. This aspect represents the alignment of purpose with feeling; the ability to be with change, and to operate well with adaptations in the environment. It is particularly well-suited for work with children that you may do together. In a romantic context, this aspect indicates that you are very present in your emotional connection with each other, with a sympathy of feeling between you that allows vital interchange of shared interests. You have an enthusiasm for the same things. You may differ in your basic outlook, but will also take advantage of the joy in complementary points of view. There may be a notion of purposeful distinctions in the shared design of your life together. You may find yourselves working with friends or the public. This aspect promotes a meeting of the minds around issues such as home and environment, planned family trips, enjoying film, books and the arts generally, as well as making productive changes in your lives together. Ben's Moon in square (within 8.5 degrees) with Mary's Ascendant and Ben's Ascendant in inconjunct (within 0.5 degrees) with Mary's Moon. Since your and your partner's complementary planets follow the same pattern, this aspect is greatly emphasized in your reading. Pay special attention to the following material! The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect, of the Moon in minor dynamic relation with partner's Ascendant, represents a strong emotional connection, and reflects your desire as a partnership for comfort and security, with one party tending to feed and support the other, although there may also be some degree of emotional stress between

18 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN you. In general, this aspect indicates a workable and dependable connection in which you protect and take care of each other and increase each other's well-being, with a strong sense of family bond between you. In a romantic context, your passions and emotional perspectives are somewhat dissimilar, although you share a perspective for growth aligned with family goals, and enhanced by a beneficial feeling of camaraderie. Family is an important part of your union, as well as children or the creative offspring of some shared purpose. There may be even too great an emotional attachment between you, or bonding for the wrong reasons, leading to slightly discordant feelings between you, or there may be a goal orientation that is not shared, cross purposes that do not easily match. Although there may be some discord, this aspect also symbolizes a strong desire for comfort, security, and nurturing between you. For the most part you have a workable and dependable connection that promotes mutual healing. Ben's Mercury in conjunction (within 4.5 degrees) with Mary's Ascendant The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. Mercury in conjunction or opposition with partner's Ascendant brings communication and intelligence to the relationship, and a sense of sharing. There is healing and beneficial exchange and idealism between you involving all forms of contact and selfexpression, which resolves into benefit of knowledge, likely for Mary, while Ben is given the opportunity for flowing ideas to their partner. In a romantic context, this aspect indicates that communications are aligned with your shared purpose. You have a strong desire to communicate with each other, and will have many lively and stimulating discussions together, perhaps in arts or entertainment fields. You will find mutual interests enlivening, as well as purposeful. Since Mercury rules the sign Virgo, and is the natural ruler of the sixth house, issues of health and service to others could also come up for the two of you in your relationship. The two of you are also well suited for dynamic interaction and social exchange with other people, associates and siblings, as well as active pursuits such as travel. Or friends and siblings may connect through you. Ben's Venus in sextile (within 2.4 degrees) with Mary's Saturn The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Venus in flowing relation with partner's Saturn, is stabilizing and grounding to the partnership. The indications are there for practical function, stability, productive creativity and fruitful design projects together. Excesses are controlled, and constancy is the norm. Responsibility and commitment are very much in the picture,

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