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Compatibility Report Mary and Ben

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21 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN With this aspect, of Mars in square with partner's Midheaven, there is energy for the coordination of shared goals and partnership motivation, although some conflict over objectives is also possible. You have the ability to energize a positive direction into achievement together, or else your personalities may clash in regard to worldly purpose and direction. While Ben is likely to provide energy in support of Mary's career, it may feel like pushing too hard, or the advice may not be well received. There can be a good deal of rivalry or testing between you since you are both strong-willed in this interaction. It would be better to organize actions together, and attempt to reach some union of purpose with each other. In a romantic context, there is a strong link between you in the area of life style or social group, with a mutual desire to achieve partnership objectives together, but there may be difficulties in seeing eye-to-eye on these issues. There may also be a inclination to restlessness or the tendency not to complete what was begun, or some general impatience between you. Plans and aspirations you have together may not be fully shared. One of you may prefer to take one direction, and one the other, or rashly swift action may not be appreciated, or pride or impulsive action may get in the way of your goals. You have strength in execution, and ability to lead, and there are definitely two leaders in your relationship. If you can work with each other and harmonize the unique blends of your individual abilities, you may achieve much on a practical level. The combination you have with each other is dynamic. Ben's Jupiter in conjunction (within 6.3 degrees) with Mary's Moon The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect, of the Moon conjunct partner's Jupiter, indicates increased enjoyment, beneficial mutual cooperation, and expansion of goals and plans with each other. Spiritual feelings are likely be included in this partnership. There is a strong and positive optimistic feeling between you and a natural expectation of the ideal, that only occasionally leads to excess. Ben may bring some great gift or abundance into Mary's life, and the nurturing and support provided by Mary will be expanded and uplifted by the actions of Ben. There is an element of down to earth practicality mingled with an abundant and optimistic nature and the sense of knowledge well shared. In a romantic context, this is a most positive connection that expands, enthuses, enlivens, supports, and nurtures you. Your romance is based in ecstatic friendship, with a good rapport and a strong inclination to exuberance. You enjoy each other fully and understand each other's feelings, leading to good possibilities for a peaceful home life. Positive and glowing, this is joy proclaimed, as you encounter feelings of freedom with each other, and partake of both

22 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN a practical and a broader viewpoint together. Your relationship may engender the pursuit of knowledge and the world at large, perhaps of history or of the past in some way. You are likely to travel well, and enjoy the outdoors, as well as your family environment and relations. This is a very positive aspect, productive of spiritual wisdom, fantasy, and good nature in general. Ben's Jupiter in sextile (within 3.6 degrees) with Mary's Venus The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect, of Venus in flowing relation with Jupiter, indicates expanded wealth, social contact, and true positive enjoyment for this partnership. Mutual helpfulness, and shared abundance, with benefit of encouragement, consideration, sympathy. Ben brings expansion to Mary, who in turn provides the field of enjoyment to Ben. Or the two of you may switch roles. In a romantic context, there will be charm in expression, generosity to each other, good social graces, and wealth or abundance shared. This aspect highlights positive growth, partnership understanding although perhaps some extravagances, and is well suited for sharing fully and with wisdom. Arts, Spirituality, and ethical moral grace are included among the favorable indications represented by this aspect. Extravagances may be hard to curtail, yet more resources always seem to be available. There is emphasis on taste, and culture, as well as on a graceful and beneficial appearance. You will likely share together in social engagements as well as areas of aesthetics, the arts, purchasing, investment, and enjoyment of the outdoors. Ben's Saturn in sesquiquadrate (within 1.6 degrees) with Mary's Sun Ruler of rising sign The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This aspect, of Sun in minor dynamic relation to partner's Saturn, is an indication of permanence and stability in the relationship possibly implying karmic or past-life contact, and is also a difficult connection, requiring insight, productive energy, and a high degree of consciousness between you. With this aspect, you may find awareness of limitations and responsibilities, perhaps a sense of restriction and being criticized, especially keenly felt by Mary. There may be some debt or burden to be taken on and worked through, or resistance to each other's individuality, or issues of power conflicting with security between you. In a romantic connection, there is deep support and caring for each other, and a sober and serious point of view. Each partner's self-confidence may not be well supported, and therefore long term harmony may be in question, if your relationship is not strong overall. Mature

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