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Compatibility Report Mary and Ben

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25 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN underlying your relationship, and which may reflect a karmic pattern or past-life connection with each other. These emotions may be expressed as resentment, or feelings of enmity may come up for one or both of you. There is a transformer and reformer within your relationship, which could be expressed by either partner, challenging you to rise above, work more effectively on inner issues, and enable your own evolutionary progress. You have great energy for this struggle and will apply all the self-discipline that could be required in these dark matters, in order to bring them ultimately into the light. All this can make things seem quite serious, or may engender strong feelings of denial and limitation in connection with your partner, but in the end, for a specific purpose. Ben's Pluto in conjunction (within 6.2 degrees) with Mary's Pluto The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. Pluto conjunct Pluto is a generational influence empowering group effort and karmic ties between groups. You are peers holding similar values who share like world views and perspectives. Ben's Pluto in square (within 5.1 degrees) with Mary's Ascendant The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect, of Pluto in square with partner's Ascendant, indicates a powerful and somewhat dangerous interaction between the partners. It signals potential authoritative control on the part of one partner that can become manipulative, or turn into bullying; even violence is possible. There is some deep level of connection between you which works for change in each of you, as relatively unconscious behaviors surface and potentially explode. You may keenly feel the depth and limitation of life as a result of this interaction and this relationship may force you to seek radical departure from old patterns. In a romantic context, this aspect represents a contact that is strongly even overwhelmingly powerful, sensual and passionate in sexual expression. You may feel a magnetic attraction for each other, or some sense of having known each other in a past life or another form of depth connection. This is a difficult aspect, indicating will and passion, and also some degree of conflict, between you. There may be a reforming attitude on the part of one of you, and obsession or other excessive behavior is also possible, such as drug dependency, or burdens between you enforced and not readily agreed upon. Or the sensual nature of one partner may not be well received by the other. This relationship is not well-suited to peaceful interaction, nor to quiet resolutions. There are likely to be issues of ego, or the

26 COMPATIBILITY REPORT FOR MARY AND BEN direction one partner takes may appear selfish to the other. There are many difficulties to be worked through, including the possibility of deceit, or friction and resistance to authority that may lead to vindictive behavior. Karmic patterns may arise, accompanied by deep psychic changes. It may be that burdens of health, or body, slow down your plans, or that physical concerns outweigh career decisions or life direction. As you work through these issues you may decide to give up the battle, or else you may discover untapped sources of strength as your partnership evolves, bringing a renewed confidence, and awareness of your true path. Change is inevitable through your relationship, as you confront in order to replace those portions of behavior that have outgrown their usefulness. These secretive and withheld areas can become destructive forces, or else can become issues to be worked through together. If you can overcome these drawbacks, as a partnership, you will learn the depth of your own true nature, of your ability to evolve and grow in any circumstance. Ben's Ascendant in opposition (within 4.0 degrees) with Mary's Sun Ruler of rising sign The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect, of Sun opposite partner's Ascendant, is an important connection that promotes growth and vitality. You feel good about the connection with your partner, with potential for mutual benefit, and opportunities for learning, with Ben perhaps learning more than Mary. This aspect symbolizes a good degree of like-mindedness between you, with a feeling of new initiative, bonding in the name of character and shared values, and can help to shed light on your relationships with other people as well. In a romantic context, this aspect represents a strong feeling of familiarity between you with mutual attraction, chemistry, the draw of magnetic appeal. You continually operate in some type of creative mode with each other. You bring light to one another, with a sense of beauty and physical appeal. You feel playful and uplifted and have a profound way of bringing out the best in each other. Your childlike natures are likely to come out through this relationship, and the potential for mutual enjoyment is high. This aspect promotes mutual well-being, energy, and vitality between you. Ben's Ascendant in quintile (within 1.1 degrees) with Mary's Neptune The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. This aspect of Neptune in flowing relation with partner's Ascendant, indicates a spiritualizing influence of your relationship

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