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Example Horoscope: 12 month forecast for Taurus

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Here you can have a look at an example horoscope

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83 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR CAMILA The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. Opportunity may present itself to you, not in any grand design, but rather in focusing on the everyday tasks that constantly present themselves to you and demand your attention. It is a good time for moving ahead with your long-term career or other goals, and it is also a good time to break free of previous setbacks or restrictions. Your progress will be slow but sure and the long-term benefits of this period cannot be denied in your life. 31/12/2021 to 4/2/2022, exact 18/1/2022 Transiting Saturn in trine with natal Mercury The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This transit has the effect of slowing down and bringing a more concentrated awareness to your communication and mental process. It may be hard to think quickly at this time. Your written communication may also come slowly, during the course of this transit. You are forced to be more deliberate and really concentrate, but this has the benefit of increasing your focus, and you may wind up accomplishing more. Your thought process is also extremely well grounded and practical at this time. Every decision, every plan you make, has to pass the test of what is it for, in terms of concrete results. Your decision-making process will also come slowly, forcing you to be sure of yourself before you go ahead. It is important not to bite off more than you can chew during this period of time this transit is in effect. It is also important that you take personal time for yourself in order to feed your own process, independent from the opinions of others around you, who may have their own perspective that isn't a perfect match for yours. If you don't have faith in your process it is likely that the world won't either, but if you do believe in yourself, that is half the battle. 1/1/2022 to 11/1/2022, exact 6/1/2022 Transiting Jupiter in inconjunct with natal Ascendant The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. You will find you have an expansive and optimistic attitude during this period of time. Your physical vitality is also powerfully affected, as well as your creative potential and your general sense of well-being. Although all this confidence is a real boost and you can get a lot of things done because of it, you may need to beware of being rash or having even too much optimism during this transit. There is also a peaceful and spiritual energy that comes strongly into your personality as a result of this transit, that can

84 12 MONTHS FORECAST 2021 FOR CAMILA lead you to new levels of faith and understanding.

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