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Natal Report Brenda

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4 NATAL REPORT FOR BRENDA quite important to communicate with your peers. Perhaps there was some group that you felt cut off from in the casual cruelty of that era, or perhaps you felt that you were not fully accepted by important siblings. In your efforts to be accepted and to get through to others you may overcompensate by seeming very competitive or desiring to be recognized for the extent of your knowledge. Whatever the childhood trauma that continues to give you difficulties in adult life, it is important to try to understand and relate well to your earlier self. If you can learn to love and accept who you were then, as well as who you are today, you will come a long way toward full participation in your communication with others. In your quest for wholeness it is quite possible that you will be drawn to helping others to communicate, perhaps taking on the role of a speech therapist or other helping person in other people's lives. As you begin to fully accept yourself you will be even more able to help others in their particular road to fulfillment also. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Chiron in the Cancer (or the Fourth House) represents issues with the vital force of selfnurturing and taking care of those closest to yourself. With this placement you have a strong drive, even a compulsion, to be centered in home and family, but this desire does not easily find its fulfillment. There may have been painful episodes in connection with early family life; perhaps you had trouble getting settled down to enjoy the comfort that a safe and secure home brings to a child. As a result, you may be even more motivated to having this firm base of security in your adult life than others to whom it is second nature. You may alternate between overidentifying with your family or underidentifying with them, or you may find yourself constantly thwarted in finding this important level of security as you go through life. On a more symbolic level, you are also painfully challenged in finding your own center in a psychological sense. Because of the inherent insecurity of your inner world you may struggle to find yourself, and become easily influenced by others due to lacking your own clear sense of self. Without this base you are more easily unbalanced, and you may find that you move in many different directions emotionally, as the wind blows. You may long for a more secure and comfortable sense of who you are, independent from others' opinions, a place where you can truly be yourself. Part of the problem with connecting to your inner self and externally with home and family, is that the conflict you feel may be largely unconscious in nature, running on autonomously as a result of long-buried experiences too painful to recollect and consciously examine. You may have difficult times with issues regarding home and family as you go through life, until you can become more conscious of these influences, and less

5 NATAL REPORT FOR BRENDA easily overtaken by them. There may be conflicts with your mother, or other primary parental figure, that need to be worked through, as you really begin to get in touch with your blocks and difficulties in these areas. Once you begin to nourish yourself and to provide your own parenting, rather than depending on the external world to provide comfort and security, you can come around to being a source of inspiration for others as well as yourself. Neptune in Capricorn (9° Cap 42') Neptune in the Ninth House Neptune in the Ninth House (or sign) gives an impressionable, idealistic and very intuitive personality. You are inclined to the mystical, and are high-minded, seeing life in terms of visionary and poetic feelings rather than in practical terms. You are capable of great belief in the unknown and unproven. You are inclined to scholarly pursuits, but may feel a lack of motivation or vagueness with respect to educational goals. You also have a strong desire to explore and travel, to try novel ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things. You may be attracted to spiritual studies, or psychedelics, as a way to achieve a transcendent state of mystical union with all creation. Your challenge lies in relying on your considerable inner vision to unfold your own unique pathway, to make concrete and real your flights of consciousness to other realms, and bring this vision back with you into society at large. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Neptune in Capricorn (or the tenth house) gives a charming personality with an idealistic nature. You may achieve much in the helping professions, or as a spiritual leader. You may also have a musical career. You tend to give more than you receive in your employment, and possess an almost naïve idealism where your work is concerned. Your work must be spiritually satisfying or you will lose interest. You are apt to be susceptible to suggestion, and may suffer disappointment in other people coming through for you. You also have a tendency to avoid responsibility. There may have been difficulties or confusion in your early years, especially with regard to parental motivations. You also may idealize parental figures, and the image that you have of your parents may change and become less idealized as you mature. In general, you must learn to clarify your goals. You will not be content with an ordinary job, but must seek out some career that is a real calling. At your best you express the highest ideals of society and find true joy in your vocation. Angular Planets Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features

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