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Natal Report Eva

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8 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA activities, or evade decisions, or practice other forms of escapism. The otherworldly energy of Neptune must be used or it will be abused. When the proper outlet is found, tremendous creativity is possible, perhaps manifested through artistic channels: music, drama, poetry. Your lesson may be to achieve a balance between the spiritual dimension of reality and ordinary life. Pluto in sextile (within 4.7 degrees) with Ascendant The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect gives a willful personality with a focus on being recognized and admired. You have strong desires, and are single-minded about pursuing them. You have an urge toward self-transformation, and may go through many changes in your life. In relationships, you tend to become intensely involved quickly, and stay absorbed in the relationship as long as it lasts. You also have tremendous powers of regeneration and rebirth. You tend to champion the underdog, and react strongly against social injustice. When you train your considerable energy on socially oriented rather than purely personal goals, you can become a focal point for the transformation of society. Jupiter in weak square (within 7.0 degrees) with Ascendant Focal planet of planetary pattern The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect gives an optimistic and high spirited individual. You are likely to be fortunate in your material surroundings. You are convivial and lively, and generous with your money and your affections. You can sometimes be extravagant or suffer from errors in judgment. You may have a tendency to overdo things, or for being overly optimistic, but in general you have good executive abilities. You have generally simple tastes, but your enthusiasm for life may give your waistline a tendency to expand. You are attracted to higher learning and the fine arts, and you are a courageous and loyal friend. Sun in strong opposition (within 0.7 degrees) with Mars The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect gives a rash personality with a quick temper. You are daring and have great physical vitality and stamina, but you may lack patience and tend to be argumentative. You are likely to be restless with a forceful drive that can lead you to accomplish great things, if properly harnessed. You are also likely to be excitable, and tend to run risks. You can be opinionated. You could also be hard to talk with at times, since you have a tendency to

9 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA take your own position at the expense of another's. You mean well, but it may not turn out that way in the event. You need to temper your strong physical drive with calmness and judgment. Sun in trine (within 4.6 degrees) with Jupiter Focal planet of planetary pattern The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives an optimistic and generous individual, with good spirits and abundant energy. You are quietly spiritual in your approach to life. You also have good executive abilities, and make a capable leader. You are fortunate materially, and have simple tastes, so that your wants are few and easily satisfied. Good fortune follows you through life. Sun in sesquiquadrate (within 0.4 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This aspect gives a deepening and concentration of your self-expression. You can be strong-willed and determined, or cautious and reserved. There may be a sense of lack of love, and a subconscious desire for recognition. The lesson for you is to deepen and broaden the knowledge of who you really are at the level of your innermost soul, and to really learn to love the person that you find in this process. Sun in inconjunct (within 1.0 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect gives an eccentric and strongwilled individual. You can be determined to get your own way, and love freedom from conventionality. You are inclined to be reckless, and may periodically start over in your life, completely eliminating previous foundations. You are likely to rebel against the norm, or conflict with others in this area. Because you are unpredictable at times, it can be hard for others to be comfortable with you. You are an original and independent thinker with an active, scientific mind, futuristic in outlook, and are capable of bringing new ideas into being. You are also inclined to be nervous and impatient, and shy away from commitment and responsibility. You can benefit from striving to control your energetic and visionary impulses in order to make these more concretely available in your own life, and in the life of society around you. Sun in semi-sextile (within 0.3 degrees) with Chiron

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