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Natal Report Eva

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14 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA Mercury in Leo (6° Leo 23'R) Mercury in the Eighth House Mercury in Leo gives a dignified and refined mentality. You are proud of your ideas, and very good at expressing them to others. You are likely to be an entertaining conversationalist, with a good sense of humor. You may also be opinionated at times. You have a tendency to want to convince others of your own point of view without taking time to see theirs. In this way you can have something of a lazy mind. You benefit from cultivating greater powers of attention and perception, and opening your consciousness to the world around you. Mercury in the Eighth House represents a strong mental connection between your inner awareness and your own dark and hidden realms of being. Your mental and observational powers are strong and your thoughts run deep. You have a deep-seated urge to communicate and connect with other people in more than superficial ways. Intrigued by the mysteries that lie within you and others, you have a passion for discovering the truth behind surface appearances. Your penetrating intellect will plumb the depths of any subject. You may not immediately express your ideas however. You may choose to express your opinions when you decide that the time is right, and can thus appear secretive. You may seem to be quiet and almost passive, but you are an active and acute observer of the world around you. Venus in Leo (29° Leo 01') Venus in the Ninth House Venus in Leo gives a proud and willful love nature that is also loyal and affectionate. With this placement you are dramatic and dignified, and at the same time very caring and compassionate. You are a seeker for pleasure and are given to the grand gesture in the expression of your affection. Your values are definitely your own, and you make a work of art out of your presentation of yourself to the world at large. You are likely to be quite attractive. You are warm-hearted and spontaneous but knowing so well what you want, you also can be very controlled in the expression of your relationship energy. You love society in the sense of the impact that you make upon it, and benefit from pulling back and considering other points of view as equally valid to your own. Venus in the Ninth House represents a strong connection within you between your sense of aesthetics, including what you value, and higher mind, philosophy or religion. You are drawn to higher learning, and to the spiritual principles underlying belief systems. You may be attracted to philosophical structures that express the fundamental idea of right living and right relationship. You are also drawn to the learning that comes from contact with other cultures. You have an affectionate personality, with good intuition. You tend to be idealistic in your approach to love, and also changeable in the expression of your love

15 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA interest, seeking the adventure of new connections. You are a perpetual learner, with a love of exploring through travel and other means of broadening your horizons, and you may feel called to educational pursuits as a way to express your enthusiasm. If you are inclined to self-expression in the arts it may be regarding these more philosophically active areas, in written, spoken or graphical form. Mars in Capricorn (17° Cap 31'R) Mars in the First House Mars in the First House (or sign) gives an independent and positive nature, and an outwardly directed and ambitious orientation. You possess great strength of character as well as an inordinate degree of self-assertion. You are a formidable adversary, tending to react aggressively when threatened. You are extremely courageous and enthusiastic, traits that will take you far in life, but you may need to work on a tendency of being quick to anger and you can behave impulsively at times. You may also cause trouble for yourself by being unwilling to give way and make concessions, especially if Mars is afflicted in your chart by challenging planetary aspects. It benefits you to learn the art of compromise. You can also benefit from cultivating patience and tolerance to offset your occasional short temper. You will gain in the long run when you practice self-control and display a great degree of unselfishness in your dealings with others. Mars in Capricorn (or the tenth house) gives an ambitious, vigorous and persistent nature. You are conservative and careful but always able to reach the goal. You are fond of responsibility. You will achieve much in life, being naturally controlled and a good follower as well as a good leader, although your actions are more likely to be guided by social convention than personal ambition. You seldom speak without a purpose, and can have a reputation as the "strong silent type." In your highest manifestation, your energy is invested in satisfying collective needs, for the betterment of society around you. You may have to work through issues of pride, even arrogance, and you can sometimes arouse opposition or even hostility from others. You suffer from tunnel vision at times, and benefit from cultivating broader and more unselfish ways of looking at things. Saturn in Sagittarius (3° Sag 39'R) Saturn in the Twelfth House Saturn in the Twelfth House (or sign) gives a deepening and concentration, or blockage, with regard to your connection to spiritual unity with All That Is. You have a serious and self-conscious personality. You can be moody and introspective, and are likely to be compassionate and sympathetic to the problems of others. You may at times feel

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