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Natal Report Eva

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1 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA Natal Report for Eva 10/7/1986, 04:30 PM BZT2 Buenos Aires, Argentina (34S36, 58W27) Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer Copyright 1999-2012 AstroGraph Software - Your future is written in the stars Email: Chart Patterns Funnel, focal planet Jupiter You have the planetary pattern type called the 'funnel' shape (also known as the 'bucket'). All your planets form a group, with the exception of the focal point, one planet or two planets in conjunction (bucket handle). Your energies tend to be channeled through this focus. You will have abilities in the occupied area of the chart, and goals in the direction of the focal point. The focal planet(s) symbolizes how your energies will be expressed, and where you seek to have your needs met or achieve your purpose. Jupiter in the Fourth House (or sign) gives you a loving, kind and caring personality, very friendly and sociable, generous and highminded. You have an instinct for nurturing others, and find enjoyment as well as opportunity in this type of tribal sharing. You have an inherent spirituality, which is thus displayed not in philosophy, but in acts of love and generous giving of yourself. You work well with the public, and are likely to be popular with your entire circle, and tend to attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. You possess a natural sense of security based on what was perceived as a happy childhood. You have an inclination toward the poetical and mystical or the marvelous side of life. Jupiter in Pisces (or the twelfth house) gives you a quiet and unassuming personality. You are good and kind, very considerate of others, and are friendly and easy-going. You need to feel an emotional resonance in order for your work to be satisfying to you. You have your own personal code of conduct to which you are true, no matter what public opinion may be, or convention may dictate. You are likely to be fond of cinema, or other imaginative flights of fancy. You may suffer in your life from being overly sensitive to the needs of others, or seek to retire from the casual cruelties of the world at large, so that there is some danger of escapism. You tend to work behind the scenes, and do not seek personal glorification from your actions, but are content to do what you do because it is helpful to other people. You often appear more at home in an imaginary universe of your own design than in concrete reality, and benefit when you pay some modicum of attention to the nitty-gritty details of life that

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