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Natal Report Eva

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4 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA the arts. You can be vague or discontented with life in the material plane. You can also be somewhat self-deceptive. You relate to others around you with a compassion and empathy that is quite appealing, and may be even too sensitive to their needs, or overly inclined to sacrifice yourself for their benefit. You are able to influence images in the minds of others and can therefore seem to be different things to different people, so that your own understanding of who you really are can come into question, especially if you seek to define yourself by these images. You could therefore experience confusion regarding the true motivating factors in your life. You benefit from starting to pay attention to your inner voice, and learning to follow its guidance, rather than depending on the changing reflections of those around you. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Neptune in Capricorn (or the tenth house) gives a charming personality with an idealistic nature. You may achieve much in the helping professions, or as a spiritual leader. You may also have a musical career. You tend to give more than you receive in your employment, and possess an almost naïve idealism where your work is concerned. Your work must be spiritually satisfying or you will lose interest. You are apt to be susceptible to suggestion, and may suffer disappointment in other people coming through for you. You also have a tendency to avoid responsibility. There may have been difficulties or confusion in your early years, especially with regard to parental motivations. You also may idealize parental figures, and the image that you have of your parents may change and become less idealized as you mature. In general, you must learn to clarify your goals. You will not be content with an ordinary job, but must seek out some career that is a real calling. At your best you express the highest ideals of society and find true joy in your vocation. Uranus in Sagittarius (19° Sag 15'R) Uranus in the Twelfth House Uranus in the Twelfth House (or sign) gives an understanding and helpful personality. With this placement you may feel some confinement or restriction in your freedom to be who you want to be. Your intuition is strong. You are inclined to nervousness, and perhaps may suffer from over sensitivity. Inner goals are more important for you than conventional ones. You are restless and not entirely at home in the physical plane, and may seek relief in drugs or other forms of escapism. You have an intense desire to commune more directly with the divine within you that does not easily find its realization in mundane activities. You are likely also to be psychically in tune with others, and you may have an interest in mysticism or the occult. You are dedicated to the service of humanity at large, and these ideals will strongly affect the expression of your individuality. You may

5 NATAL REPORT FOR EVA have a need to confront the past in order to outgrow its effects on your own life, manifested in terms of subconscious or habitual patterns. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Uranus in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an individual with an original and inventive mind, strong intuitive powers, and a love of philosophy and higher learning. With this placement you have definite religious, or quasi-religious beliefs, and these are usually expressed in an unconventional manner. You have a visionary sense of optimism and possess high ideals, and you are also apt to be nervous, or high-strung, and perhaps inclined to reckless behavior. You like to explore new perspectives, either mentally or through travel. You bring your own unique viewpoint to educational or pedagogical concerns, and may be an inspiring teacher. You can also be the rebellious type, as you have the capacity to visualize new possibilities rather than accept an outmoded status quo. For you, the horizon line does not remain fixed, but is always moving forward into new territory. At your best, you have the faith to bring forth a new vision for yourself and society at large. Pluto in Scorpio (4° Sco 33'R) Pluto in the Eleventh House Pluto in the Eleventh House (or sign) gives you a personality with an intense focus on friendships and group associations. You can perhaps behave compulsively with regard to group membership, or you may feel an unconscious drive toward an objective or goal that you do not fully understand. You have a dynamic and powerful expectation orientation that is constantly pulling you onward, so that you are never satisfied with what you have in front of you, but rather seek the bliss of an improved future for yourself and for the social groups with which you are connected. You like to be liked, and may go through many changes around the development of your own sense of yourself in relation to your friends and associates. You may radically change your group affiliation from time to time in an effort to resolve the unconscious motivations that tie you to its membership. You are also likely to be involved at some point in your life with a movement whose goal is the eventual improvement of society. Your task is to attempt to make conscious choices in these areas, and to become aware of your true objectives, based on your own values and goals, independent from the approval of others. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Pluto in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives you a serious and willful personality, with an intense focus on personal transformation. You feel deeply, and may have an almost psychic awareness of the feelings of others.

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