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Natal Report Helen

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12 NATAL REPORT FOR HELEN explore new horizons. You enjoy meeting people and have an enthusiasm which is appealing. Your early home life was probably very stimulating and challenging. You may be interested in studying occult realms of thought. You are able to benefit from fundamental transformations of identity in your life, and are quick to take advantage of new opportunities. You are very original and individualistic and may have difficulties in settling down with a steady partner. You can benefit from learning to balance your needs for security with your urge for freedom and experimentation. Moon in sextile (within 5.9 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect gives an emotionally sensitive, idealistic and loving personality. You possess an ethereal quality, and are a lover of music and the arts. You have the potential for powerful psychic abilities. You are the softhearted type, and you may be too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You were probably strongly influenced by your home life, and may tend to idealize these formative experiences. You could have issues with self-deception or experience discontent with the practical realities of life. Your home is important to you, and you may change residences frequently in search of your ideal environment, or dream of the ideal romantic attachment without ever finding the perfect mate. You benefit from striving for greater clarity in applying your high ideals to the real world. Moon in trine (within 7.6 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives a moody and introspective personality with a strong desire for emotional security. You are likely to be very sensitive and emotionally intense, with a tendency to become completely absorbed in interpersonal relationships. You are also an extremely forceful individual, with the urge to transform yourself and your surroundings. When you have a goal in mind, nothing will stand in your way. Your need for security may manifest as an almost compulsive desire for a safe and secure home life, or a home environment which can be completely controlled, possibly even through dictatorial behavior. You have an unusually clear insight into the emotional depths of other people, which may border on an actual psychic attunement with their states of being. You also have the urge to break through the limitations of the parental influence you experienced as a child. You may have experienced controlling behavior on the part of one or both parents, especially your mother, and you may find yourself still involved in the battle for your own autonomy many years later. These struggles can be

13 NATAL REPORT FOR HELEN worked through in your life, beginning with a deeper understanding of what it is you truly need on an emotional level. Your challenge is to transform your sense of insecurity, by coming to terms with your survival issues based on a better insight into your own hidden motivations. Moon in trine (within 8.4 degrees) with Midheaven The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives an emotionally sensitive personality who is nurturing and caring. You may tend to be dependent on others for your own feelings of self-worth, so that it may be important to you that others look up to you. You do well in a business setting, having a dramatic presence that gives you natural abilities to influence others, and an attitude of caring that makes you easy to get along with. You set priorities based on people rather than strictly on profits. Your career may also be quite changeable. Mars in strong trine (within 0.9 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives an individual with an original and eccentric mind, whose intuition is strong. You are a strong-willed nonconformist, with your own code of ethics. You are also restless and may lack steadiness in the pursuit of your goals. You may feel a sense of isolation, and can appear emotionally insensitive at times, seemingly more excited by ideas than by other people. Your basis for action derives from a sense of high ideals, rather than from mere egotism. You are genuinely creative and may find an outlet in artistic pursuits. You also could beware, however, of a tendency to be dogmatic, or proud and unbending. Change and variety excite you, and your mutability and urge for constant change can frustrate or confuse those around you. In essence, you are a courageous and pioneering free spirit, whose mission in life is to bring new ideas into being. You can benefit from bringing more consciousness and clarity to the expression of your goals in life. Mercury in sesquiquadrate (within 1.3 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This aspect gives an individual who is restless and mentally acute, with an ability to quickly grasp new concepts. You like to explore new ways of thinking and being. You are interested in occult realms of thought, applying conscious mental processes to these areas. You have a tendency to display a "know-it-all" attitude. There can be problems in communicating with others. You may lack discipline and persistence in bringing your

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