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Natal Report Helen

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18 NATAL REPORT FOR HELEN to communicate and to get your point across can even manifest physically as a form of stuttering, or another ailment that prevents clear communication. These may seem physical, but the physical and the mental are so intimately related it really is hard to say. If there is a psychological reason behind difficulties in communicating with others, it is likely to be found in early youth, when it was quite important to communicate with your peers. Perhaps there was some group that you felt cut off from in the casual cruelty of that era, or perhaps you felt that you were not fully accepted by important siblings. In your efforts to be accepted and to get through to others you may overcompensate by seeming very competitive or desiring to be recognized for the extent of your knowledge. Whatever the childhood trauma that continues to give you difficulties in adult life, it is important to try to understand and relate well to your earlier self. If you can learn to love and accept who you were then, as well as who you are today, you will come a long way toward full participation in your communication with others. In your quest for wholeness it is quite possible that you will be drawn to helping others to communicate, perhaps taking on the role of a speech therapist or other helping person in other people's lives. As you begin to fully accept yourself you will be even more able to help others in their particular road to fulfillment also. N Node in Aries (3° Ari 12'R) N Node in the Third House Lunar North Node in the Third House (or sign). South Node in the ninth house or sign. With this placement you have unusually clear and direct communication skills. You are interested in the practical application of knowledge, in helping to bring people together, rather than information simply for the sake of it. In the past, or in past lifetimes, you likely got far into solitary philosophical concerns. Perhaps religious values were quite important to you. Now your focus is on a more mundane or worldly view, where higher knowledge counts, but only in so far as it is useful in the analysis of day-to-day events and in order to spread the word to others. Although you may be tempted at times to drift off into deeper reflections, your real goal is to be in touch with people, and your mental abilities serve your purpose well. Lunar North Node in Aries (or the first house). South Node in the seventh house or sign. This placement gives you a focus on advancing into your own individual self-hood. Your evolutionary path is to get your own act together, this time around. Throughout your life you will be forced to resolve issues with depending on yourself, versus depending on other people. In the past, or in past lives, you were focused on others, meeting their needs rather than your own, and depending on them for emotional and material support. Now your life path is calling for you to depend on no one

19 NATAL REPORT FOR HELEN but yourself. Events may seem to force you into this direction. It is good to remember that outer events can be another facet of the voice of your own inner Self. You benefit from following these directives from your own higher consciousness, no matter how difficult that may prove to be in actual practice. Other Aspects Mercury in strong square (within 0.7 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect gives a sharp and penetrating mind, together with unusually clear and direct communication skills. You are likely to be quite interested in the occult, or other hidden and potentially taboo areas of thought. As a matter of fact, you tend to see into the deeper aspects of any subject matter that you might single out for study, and are able to discourse forcefully upon it. You may however become so focused on the emotional charge with which you hold these ideas that you lose a certain sense of perspective regarding them. In other words, you can be compulsively attached to your communication or the results of your mental process, so that there is a danger that you may feel yourself to be correct in what you say in spite of what others may think. You might also need to be aware of a tendency to be manipulative in your dealings with other people, since you have a forceful will in association with your powers of speech and communication. You can be a great source of inspiration when you use your powers of insight and expression responsibly, enabling you to share your gift with humanity. Mercury in strong square (within 1.5 degrees) with Midheaven The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect gives a mentally active personality, who is very involved in mental pursuits. You are a good communicator, and a gifted thinker and organizer, who can use these abilities in your professional life to great advantage. You also like variety, and may be changeable and somewhat unstable in the pursuit of your goals. You may also have great ego-investment in your mental abilities, and benefit from an attempt to cultivate humility in your dealings with others. Venus in strong trine (within 1.0 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives a personality with a deepening and concentration in the area of interpersonal relationships. You are sensitive and have a strong sense of duty. You are likely

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