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Natal Report Mary

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7 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY actor both professionally and in everyday life. You potentially have a great creative and healing capacity for other people, which is based on universal and spiritual energies rather than on personal ones. You could benefit by striving to bring your imaginative energies to the world in a form that transcends purely egocentric creativity. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Neptune in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an impressionable, idealistic and very intuitive personality. You are inclined to the mystical, and are high-minded, seeing life in terms of visionary and poetic feelings rather than in practical terms. You are capable of great belief in the unknown and unproven. You are inclined to scholarly pursuits, but may feel a lack of motivation or vagueness with respect to educational goals. You also have a strong desire to explore and travel, to try novel ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things. You may be attracted to spiritual studies, or psychedelics, as a way to achieve a transcendent state of mystical union with all creation. Your challenge lies in relying on your considerable inner vision to unfold your own unique pathway, to make concrete and real your flights of consciousness to other realms, and bring this vision back with you into society at large. Mars in Taurus (3° Tau 39') Mars in the Tenth House Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler Mars in the Tenth House (or sign) gives an ambitious, vigorous and persistent nature. You are conservative and careful but always able to reach the goal. You are fond of responsibility. You will achieve much in life, being naturally controlled and a good follower as well as a good leader, although your actions are more likely to be guided by social convention than personal ambition. You seldom speak without a purpose, and can have a reputation as the "strong silent type." In your highest manifestation, your energy is invested in satisfying collective needs, for the betterment of society around you. You may have to work through issues of pride, even arrogance, and you can sometimes arouse opposition or even hostility from others. You suffer from tunnel vision at times, and benefit from cultivating broader and more unselfish ways of looking at things. Mars in Taurus (or the second house) gives a persistent and patient nature. You can be extremely stubborn. You can also be jealous and possessive. You value money and other forms of security. You possess an enthusiasm for the pursuit of sensual pleasures. You are likely to be an ardent and loyal lover. You enjoy the good things of life. You may find that you have a desire for luxuries, but lack the conservative attitude toward finances that would help to secure them. If Mars is

8 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY afflicted in your chart by planetary aspect, you may need to work through pride and acquisitiveness in your nature, or there could be problems with possessiveness, or even resentments towards others. You have an artistic flair to your nature, and function well in the realm of the material and tangible world, with the stamina required to get what you want out of life. You benefit from cultivating an attitude of sharing. Pluto in Libra (28° Lib 23'R) Pluto in the Fourth House Pluto in the Fourth House (or sign) gives you an intense desire for emotional security. Your security needs may manifest as a fixation for a place to reside which can be completely safe, or controlled. You have a strong survival urge, and are likely to go through many changes in your relationship to your home environment as you go through life. You may have suffered early on from an unsettled family existence. You perhaps experienced your father or the same sex parent as obsessive or controlling in some way. You may have increasingly clear insight into your own unconscious motivations, as well as into the emotional depths of others, as you mature. On the other hand, you may find that confronting issues of deep trauma that arise in the course of events is too much for you to handle, and you may attempt to repress these insights. As a defense, you may be obsessively attached to making a home environment for yourself that is exactly the way you want it. There could be a tendency for dictatorial behavior on the home front, or other compulsive behavior in search of safety and security such as seeking isolation rather than sharing. These struggles can be avoided through a deeper understanding of what is truly needed on an emotional level. Your challenge is to transform your need for security based on a better understanding of your own hidden motivations. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Pluto in Libra (or the seventh house) gives you a focus on forming close emotional attachments. You may have difficulties in marriage and partnerships; but there are also great rewards to be gained in this area. You may feel a compulsion to be liked by others. Conversely, you can also become involved in power struggles with partners. You have a depth of passion within you that isn't obvious or recognized, and you may seek to project this power drive onto a relationship partner, rather than directly own up to it. You may therefore find yourself in relationship with dark or manipulative personality types, who may exhibit openly the tendencies you have yourself at a more hidden level. You are likely to go through many changes in your relationship dynamic, as you come to understand more fully your inner process. You may exhibit strong attractions toward close involvement with another person, and simultaneously have fears regarding such

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