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Natal Report Mary

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13 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY You also have a powerful urge toward selftransformation, and you may go through many changes in your life. You are not shy about expressing your beliefs, and you may even feel a compulsion toward self-assertion or self-aggrandizement. You also tend to champion the underdog, and react strongly to social injustice. In relationships, you tend to become intensely involved quickly, and stay absorbed in the relationship as long as it lasts. There may be underlying feelings of insecurity leading to your rather selfcentered and ego oriented behavior. These feelings must be explored more consciously, or else they will continue to haunt you from beneath your level of awareness. Such an exploration can be incredibly rewarding for you, and should be quite possible, for you have tremendous powers of regeneration and rebirth. When you learn to train your considerable energy on these socially oriented as well as personal goals, you can become a focal point for the transformation of society itself. Moon in Pisces (16° Pis 35' 40") Moon in the Ninth House The Moon in Pisces gives a sweet and gentle nature. You are visionary and poetic, and very sensitive to spiritual values. You are compassionate and empathetic with other people. You may be something of a dreamer, and you may feel the need to escape at times, for the real world seems too cruel and unkind. You have great sympathy for the downtrodden and disadvantaged. You may experience some suffering through your emotions, especially if your inner needs are not being met. You also have a tendency to be easily swayed by others. It is very important that you be true to yourself, and to your inner process of striving toward spiritual understanding and the gift of sympathy toward your fellow-beings. The Moon in the Ninth House represents an emotional sensitivity in the area of higher ideals and visionary philosophy. You may be something of a dreamer and tend to romanticize your emotions. Your philosophy is based on your feelings and sensitivity to your ideals regarding the superconscious realms. You constantly study your experiences to redefine your own philosophy about life, which may be the basis for your own vision of religion. Your philosophical attitude may seem difficult for other people to understand. You may suffer from a utopian ideal of wanting to feel good all of the time which can cause you suffering. You tend to be a dreamer yet your dreams may reflect truths about reality when you are in tune to your higher awareness of consciousness. You love travel and are likely to take many journeys. You are constantly trying to maintain your ideal emotional state of being. You are a natural teacher. You have a strong need to share your philosophy of life with other people. In this way, you can share your refined imaginative and creative insights and show

14 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY others how to refine their inner visions along with you. Moon in quintile (within 2.1 degrees) with Venus The planetary energies are positively linked, subtle, and spiritual in dimension. This aspect gives a calm and steady emotional nature, with a refined and artistic sensibility. You are habitually cheerful and are likely to be happiest in your home and family. You possess a great deal of personal charm, and also have a love for the arts, especially music and dance. You are courteous and popular, and supportive to your friends. It is important for you that your home environment be aesthetically pleasing. Moon in semi-square (within 2.1 degrees) with Mars Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. This aspect gives an individual who is easily influenced by emotional conditions. You can be a deep thinker, but you may be intolerant of opinions other than your own. You may appear selfish and demanding at times. You may suffer from a sort of nervous tension, in that you are unsatisfied when you are not in action. You also have a rebellious streak that affects your close personal relationships. You are an analytical and independent thinker with an original, active and even brilliant mind. Moon in square (within 6.0 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect gives an optimistic and kindly personality. You are tolerant of others, and enjoy good company as well as good food. You are likely to be fortunate in finances, and attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. You are usually able to spend money as fast as you get it, so you don't usually pile up riches. You should beware of a tendency to over-indulge. Moon in sesquiquadrate (within 0.4 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; control is required. This aspect gives a deepening and concentrating, or a blockage in the expression of your feelings. You may seem to be rigid, rather letting your emotions flow freely, stemming from problems with parental care and guidance in your early years. You can be extremely sensitive and may experience some difficulties in your relationship to the feminine. The lesson for you here is to understand and value your origins more fully,

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