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Natal Report Mary

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15 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY leading to a better sense of security and greater self-acceptance. Moon in square (within 7.8 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect gives eccentric personality with volatile emotions, and a strong sense of intuition. You are likely to have changeable emotions, and may appear unpredictable at times to others around you. Novelty excites you; you may change your residence frequently, or be tempted into starting a new career. You also may feel insecure at times, possibly stemming from a disrupted home life in your early years, or from parents who were quite busy with their own affairs. Your early home life may also have been very stimulating and challenging. You are likely to go through fundamental transformations of identity in your life, and you are stifled if these impulses are not allowed expression. You are so individualistic you may have difficulties in settling down with a steady partner. You can benefit from learning to balance your needs for security with your urge for freedom and experimentation. Moon in sextile (within 8.4 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. With this aspect there are difficulties indicated in relating to the feminine - either significant female presences in your life or else and including your own feminine side. This would be true, and different in its sense, in either a man's or a woman's chart. Of course the important early model for the feminine is mother, and it is likely that you have a deep and intense relationship with your mother, which may have been productive of much wisdom. There also may be emotional scars from the very intensity of your experience together. These experiences may be so painful that they become suppressed from consciousness, buried deep in your psyche. In your adult life, it is important to move past any resentment you still feel, caused by early wounding in your relationship with the female part, or nurturing influence, of your own nature, so that you can begin to move into a more conscious and compassionate reconciliation with your walled off parts. Once you have begun to make conscious any pain and alienation you may feel surrounding events from the long-buried past, you can begin to truly help others as well as yourself. A creative side of your nature may emerge like a butterfly out of the outgrown past. Moon in semi-sextile (within 2.8 degrees) with Midheaven

16 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. This aspect gives an emotionally sensitive personality who is nurturing and caring. You may be over-dependent on others for your own feelings of self-worth, so that it is important to you that others look up to you. You do well in a business setting, having a dramatic presence that gives you natural abilities to influence others, and an attitude of caring that makes you easy to get along with, but you may have difficulties due to being changeable or engaging in political game-playing. You set priorities based on people rather than strictly on profits. Other Natal Planets Mercury in Taurus (5° Tau 13') Mercury in the Tenth House Mercury in Taurus gives a slow and conservative type of mentality, well grounded in reality. With this placement you learn more from practical matters than from schooling. Ideas become much more important to you when they have a practical application. You are likely to have an artistic quality of mind, with a well-developed aesthetic sense. You also have a strong tendency to go your own way and to believe what you want to believe. You benefit from cultivating a more open-minded attitude. Mercury in the Tenth House represents a strong mental connection between your inner awareness and career or professional ambitions in the world. With this placement you have a diplomatic bent, and also have the makings of a good teacher. You are likely to learn quickly from hands-on training or the practical application of knowledge. You take your intellectual attainment seriously, and in your highest manifestation make use of it to better society around you. Determined and careful in your speech and communication with others, as well as with respect to your own mental activity, you have good concentration and attention to detail. You are also acutely aware of your surroundings, and can help keep others on track with the reality of what is going on. You benefit from lifting your vision to the higher issue and cultivating idealism. N Node in Gemini (27° Gem 41'R) N Node in the Eleventh House Lunar North Node in the Eleventh House (or sign). South Node in the fifth house or sign. This placement gives an individual with a focus on friendships, group associations and social goals. Although creativity on a personal level comes easily to you, and creating by means of including other people is perhaps more difficult, it is this more difficult task that you are drawn to attempt in this lifetime. In the past, or in previous lifetimes, you were proud of your individuality and of your

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