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Natal Report Mary

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23 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY in which you feel both attracted to the security imposed by such limits, and simultaneously repelled or stifled by these restrictions. You are likely to work with the energies of stability and of idealism in an effort to balance between either extreme of behavior. Saturn in conjunction (within 3.6 degrees) with Pluto The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This conjunction gives a forceful personality with a focus on issues of authority, power and control. You may have the charismatic personal magnetism of a natural leader. It is also possible that occult studies will attract and fascinate you. You may also have a compulsion for control leading to problems with interpersonal relations or demonstrate rebellious attitudes toward established authority. You may seek a position of authority, if for no other reason than to be your own master. There are however likely to be difficulties inherent in maintaining such a stand, once achieved. This can work to your ultimate advantage, since the security of such a position can be a hindrance to necessary growth and transformation. What is needed is a reevaluation and transformation of the urge for power and control, based on a deeper understanding of and more conscious and socially responsible use of personal power. Neptune in inconjunct (within 4.2 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this combination of planetary energies in your chart, you may have gone to the depths and back again in your life. You have a particularly strong access to the world of dreams and inner fantasy, which may serve as an escape valve for you. You may also be extremely sensitive to the psyches of others, may vicariously experience their pain. Something keeps you out of touch with consensus reality, but you also are not comfortable with this role. It is as if you stand on the other side of a glass door from the rest of society, through which you alternately gaze longingly and then lose interest and wander away into your own fantasy. You are capable of tremendous spiritual powers once you have begun to work through these difficulties and establish a better sense of where you stand vis a vis the remainder of society. You may exhibit great poetic or musical talent or the empathy of a born healer. Having come through a painful examination of your own psyche you are able to see more clearly and compassionately into the minds of others also. Pluto in inconjunct (within 3.4 degrees) with Chiron

24 NATAL REPORT FOR MARY The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this aspect you are likely to possess a very compulsive nature. You have a tendency to plunge into the depths of despair as well as the heights of manic madness as a form of compensatory reaction to the overindulgence of wallowing in the depths. An overly active interest in sexuality, the potential for the abuse of power, ultimately powerful healing abilities, all are indicated. There are great depths of passion within you, likely the result of painful experiences from early childhood. As long as these experiences remain unintegrated, they will cause a stir, both for yourself and for anyone you become close to. When you become more conscious of these patterns you have a great capacity to heal yourself and others. You also have a keen intuition and great power to transform yourself and your personal relationships as you evolve. You may be one to harness the energy of the collective, especially with regard to the coming transformation of society. Sun in weak trine (within 9.4 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives an optimistic and generous individual, with good spirits and abundant energy. You are quietly spiritual in your approach to life. You also have good executive abilities, and make a capable leader. You are fortunate materially, and have simple tastes, so that your wants are few and easily satisfied. Good fortune follows you through life. Sun in weak opposition (within 11.9 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect gives a deepening and concentration, or a blocking of your selfexpression. You are ambitious and may make your mark in the world. There may also be a barrier between you and your self-realization, so that your true feelings are denied outlet. You may be strong-willed, or even autocratic, and can appear selfish, or cautious and reserved. There is usually a sense of rejection or coldness in relationship to your father, and a sense of lack of love in your life, generally, leading to a subconscious desire for recognition. There may be feelings of hostility or a physical ailment that prevents your total participation in life activities. Your heartcenter may need developing. The lesson for you is to deepen and broaden the knowledge of who you really are at the level of your innermost soul, and to really learn to love the person that you find in this process.

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