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Natal Report Saida

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17 NATAL REPORT FOR SAIDA general, and you may be given to spiritual or philanthropic activities rather than to close personal relationships. You may go through many changes in your love life, being very open to new influences that suddenly come up for you. You benefit from deepening and more fully expressing your affection for one person in particular. Venus in the Ninth House represents a strong connection within you between your sense of aesthetics, including what you value, and higher mind, philosophy or religion. You are drawn to higher learning, and to the spiritual principles underlying belief systems. You may be attracted to philosophical structures that express the fundamental idea of right living and right relationship. You are also drawn to the learning that comes from contact with other cultures. You have an affectionate personality, with good intuition. You tend to be idealistic in your approach to love, and also changeable in the expression of your love interest, seeking the adventure of new connections. You are a perpetual learner, with a love of exploring through travel and other means of broadening your horizons, and you may feel called to educational pursuits as a way to express your enthusiasm. If you are inclined to self-expression in the arts it may be regarding these more philosophically active areas, in written, spoken or graphical form. Jupiter in Scorpio (10° Sco 01'R) Jupiter in the Fifth House Jupiter in the Fifth House (or sign) gives you a generous personality with good vitality. You have dignity, pride and dramatic presence, and are courageous in your sense of self. You are likely to be a loyal companion. You possess excellent executive abilities. You like to show off your good side, and have a natural flair and sense of showmanship that carries you far in life. You enjoy the limelight, and would always rather shine out on a hillside than hide your light under a barrel. You are attracted to higher learning, and the fine arts, including the theater, and may try your hand at acting. You can also be extravagant at times, or suffer from errors in judgment. You may tend to overdo, and need to beware of egotism. You have good intuition; you make a capable leader when you follow your own inner guidelines. Jupiter in Scorpio (or the eighth house) gives you a shrewd and careful personality. You can also be somewhat secretive. You have good judgment, and a constant sense of what is important to you. Your focus is excellent, and you make a good worker because of it. You have an innate sense of who you are and where you want to be, and that is usually where you will be found. You are passionate and sensual (especially if there is a challenging aspect between Mars and Jupiter in your chart) and very tuned in to other

18 NATAL REPORT FOR SAIDA people. You have the gift of observation. You are fond of the occult, and you can posses the powers of a healer or mystic. You will likely go through many changes in your life in search of a deeper connection to your own higher power. You should beware, though, of being overly self-indulgent. Uranus in Sagittarius (4° Sag 38'R) Uranus in the Sixth House Uranus in the Sixth House (or sign) gives an individual with a clever and enthusiastic mind, original in thought and action and not comfortable with routine. You are likely to have a scientific and analytical mentality. You can also be impatient with others, or lacking in sympathy for their concerns. You like to change jobs, and you are a hard worker, if allowed the freedom to work as you feel motivated. You may have to struggle with organizational elements at the expense of performance. You may also have health problems, since the Uranian energy is fitful in its application. You may experience difficulty with keeping things in order, but this can be overcome through persistence. You are likely to be interested in new-age healing techniques. You are on an important path of self-realization in this life, corresponding to your own unique vision, and will not be satisfied with anyone else's idea of what it is that you need to accomplish for yourself. You benefit from drawing out your original creative impulse into more long-lasting and concrete projects through concentration and technique. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Uranus in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an individual with an original and inventive mind, strong intuitive powers, and a love of philosophy and higher learning. With this placement you have definite religious, or quasi-religious beliefs, and these are usually expressed in an unconventional manner. You have a visionary sense of optimism and possess high ideals, and you are also apt to be nervous, or high-strung, and perhaps inclined to reckless behavior. You like to explore new perspectives, either mentally or through travel. You bring your own unique viewpoint to educational or pedagogical concerns, and may be an inspiring teacher. You can also be the rebellious type, as you have the capacity to visualize new possibilities rather than accept an outmoded status quo. For you, the horizon line does not remain fixed, but is always moving forward into new territory. At your best, you have the faith to bring forth a new vision for yourself and society at large. Pluto in Libra (26° Lib 29'R) Pluto in the Fifth House Pluto in the Fifth House (or sign) gives you a tremendous desire to be recognized and admired. You may feel a compulsion toward self-aggrandizement, or have underlying

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