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Natal Report Saida

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1 NATAL REPORT FOR SAIDA Natal Report for Saida 10/3/1982, 12:05 PM BT Istanbul, Turkey (41N01, 28E58) Interpretation text by Henry Seltzer Copyright 1999-2012 AstroGraph Software - Your future is written in the stars Email: Chart Patterns Bowl, leading planet Moon Since your planets fall within half of the available chart space, in the planetary pattern called the 'bowl' shape, the hemisphere in which they are located tends to be your strong suit. You may also notice a focus on achievement in the unoccupied area of your chart, where innate talent may be lacking. You may feel a need to fill this space, perhaps focusing on the mid-point of the empty hemisphere. In the use of your talents, as represented by the occupied side of your chart, the planet that is the leader of the bowl shape symbolizes energies you utilize in achieving your purpose. The Moon in Virgo gives a hardworking and well-organized personality. You may appear somewhat reserved. You may appear fussy and overly critical of others, due to a streak of perfectionism in your innermost being. You truly are of service to other people, and you are likely to be well-regarded because of it. You may have a sense of insecurity that underlies your drive for intellectual superiority. You should beware of attempting to change other people for the better, and you should be easier on yourself and others to avoid problems with your health in later life. The Moon in the Fourth House represents an emotional sensitivity with issues of home life and the way you care for those close to you in your environment. You are naturally domestic. You are very connected with the need to feel that you are in an environment which feels like home. You tend to be sentimental toward your family and close friends. You tend to select people around you who feel like family in some way or another. You may be possessive of your emotional attachments and can seem self-centered at times. You may sometimes withdraw into your own self as a way to create a more secure home base within yourself when you are not emotionally satisfied. You feel the need deep inside for a permanent home base. You are attached to possessions and hold onto what you have. Though you feel a need for a stable home, you may have changes of residences in your search for a secure and comfortable habitat. You also tend to hold onto your feelings. You need a creative outlet in which you can talk, write, or artistically express in order to release your deep emotions.

2 NATAL REPORT FOR SAIDA T-Square, focal planet Neptune You have a T-Square in your chart. With this planetary aspect pattern, in which three planets or conjunctions are in square with one another, you have a high degree of motivation and drive. Your energies are most easily and habitually expressed by the energy of the focal point, the middle of the T-Square. You may also compensate for overdoing in the area of life represented by the focal point, by leaning toward the empty pattern element opposite the focal point, seeking to balance your activity. The lesson of this planetary aspect pattern is in learning to use your considerable energy wisely in the pursuit of your true goals. There is great tension represented by the focal planet or planets in your chart, where conflicting parts of your personality attain their focus and peak of energy, and you may observe compulsive behavior in the area of life represented here. Neptune in the Seventh House (or sign) gives a charming, generous and idealistic personality. You are apt to have an intense love of beauty and the arts, especially music and painting. You are imaginative and visionary. You may feel a sense of obligation to other people and can give a great deal without expecting anything in return. You dream of finding the perfect partner, but you may encounter difficulties in making that dream a reality. There can be emotional confusion, leading you to depend too much on the strength of another person. You may unconsciously seek a partner with dependency issues, like drug or alcohol or fantasy addiction, as a mirror for your own inner lack of clarity. You also may seek in your partner a sense of rising above the merely mundane, which can be very appealing to you. There are likely to be karmic lessons for you in regard to partnership and marriage. Making an effort to pull back from too much selfsacrifice can bring greater clarity to relationships, which can be of benefit to all concerned. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Neptune in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an impressionable, idealistic and very intuitive personality. You are inclined to the mystical, and are high-minded, seeing life in terms of visionary and poetic feelings rather than in practical terms. You are capable of great belief in the unknown and unproven. You are inclined to scholarly pursuits, but may feel a lack of motivation or vagueness with respect to educational goals. You also have a strong desire to explore and travel, to try novel ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things. You may be attracted to spiritual studies, or psychedelics, as a way to achieve a transcendent state of mystical union with all creation. Your challenge lies in relying on your considerable inner vision to unfold your own unique pathway, to make concrete and real your flights of

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