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Natal Report Yuna

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16 NATAL REPORT FOR YUNA and relaying your perceptions to your mind. You approach mental pursuits in an intellectual rather than a practical way, and tend to prefer breadth in these matters to depth. You speak rapidly and well, and enjoy conversation with many different types of people. You are restless and can be prone to anxiety. Beware of stress to your nerves. It is beneficial for you when you cultivate periods of inner stillness. Mercury in the Eighth House represents a strong mental connection between your inner awareness and your own dark and hidden realms of being. Your mental and observational powers are strong and your thoughts run deep. You have a deep-seated urge to communicate and connect with other people in more than superficial ways. Intrigued by the mysteries that lie within you and others, you have a passion for discovering the truth behind surface appearances. Your penetrating intellect will plumb the depths of any subject. You may not immediately express your ideas however. You may choose to express your opinions when you decide that the time is right, and can thus appear secretive. You may seem to be quiet and almost passive, but you are an active and acute observer of the world around you. Venus in strong opposition (within 1.4 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect gives a magnetic personality with a focus on forming close emotional attachments. You are charismatic and intense, and seek to break through any barriers to close interpersonal relationships, although you may be difficult to satisfy emotionally. You may experience misfortune in marriage and partnerships, but there are also great rewards to be gained in this area. You can become involved in power struggles with partners, or act in a manipulative way towards other people, which problems are made more poignant since you also may have a compulsion to be liked by others. You have simultaneously an attraction toward close involvement with another person, together with fears regarding such involvements. There are some extreme difficulties to be worked out in these areas, which may lead you to a painful re-examination of your goals. Wisdom is required in the way you handle close relationships, in order to transform the partnership energy into a growing and conscious act of sharing. Mars in strong trine (within 1.7 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect gives a personality with a tremendous drive for power and transformation of self. You are strong-willed almost to the point of ruthlessness, and you have enormous energy and endurance at your disposal. You may appear timid or unsure of

17 NATAL REPORT FOR YUNA yourself, since the power urge is commonly repressed, but then there is the potential for sudden bursts of anger due to the repressed emotion finally exploding to the surface. You may also have feelings of insecurity that are compensated for by being overly forceful, acting compulsively or even becoming obsessive about achieving your will. In a more positive manifestation, you can exhibit a dedication to higher ideals and a willingness to be a channel for healing yourself and society. The challenge is movement away from feelings of insecurity and resulting separateness and loneliness, toward a better acceptance of other's needs and opinions in order to generate wholeness, forgiveness towards self and others, and a new and better sense of self-worth. Neptune in strong sextile (within 0.4 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This combination gives an individual with a personal involvement in the energies of the collective. This is a generational aspect, which many of your contemporaries will share with you. You have a subtle intuition and unusually clear insight into others. The influence of the unconscious is especially strong in you. You need to connect with your higher self in order to be happy. You function at your best in service to the world, helping to move it closer to a vision of spiritual union between all mankind. Uranus in semi-square (within 1.4 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies conflict in determined subtle tension; calmness is required. This combination gives an individual who is willful and possesses great depth of passion. This is a generational aspect, which many of your contemporaries will share with you. You are to an unusual degree tuned in to the energy of the collective, especially with regard to the ultimate transformation of society. You are compassionate toward your fellow man, and you are inclined to be a helper in the creation of a new world, based on humanitarian ideals of universal brotherhood. Other Natal Planets Saturn in Scorpio (23° Sco 01'R) Saturn in the First House Saturn in the First House (or sign) gives a deepening and concentration, or a blockage, in the area of self-confidence and selfexpression. With this placement you are likely to be reserved. You also have good reasoning power. You desire to better yourself, and are eager for success in the world of tangible results. The purposeful expression of your will may however be inhibited by subconscious fears, preventing action. This is a cross to bear, but you can definitely

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