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Personality Report Elisabeth

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16 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR ELISABETH surroundings. You tend to seek opportunity through education and exploring new horizons, and are constantly expanding your repertoire of skills and knowledge. You are generally quite successful at what you do. You like to take chances, and do not care much about security or material rewards. Any work that motivates your ideals will capture your undivided attention, for as long as those ideals are motivated, and not longer. You are truly devoted to the principles of higher education, metaphysics and philosophy. Being so aware of the big picture may allow you to miss out on the details, and you benefit from grounding yourself from time to time in the practical considerations of your situation. Chiron in Aries (7° Ari 11') Chiron in the Tenth House Chiron in the Tenth House (or sign) represents issues with one's vital force to act with authority and make a responsible contribution to society. With this placement you are likely to be somewhat rebellious of authority, and yet compulsively drawn to it as well. You have probably had many experiences in your life where you either had to knuckle under against your will or else over-exerted your authority with others in a way that left them feeling oppressed. The compulsion you may feel to be in authority perhaps arose in your childhood, when you were too forcefully controlled, leading to compensatory behavior as an adult. Everyone has a basic need to be in control, and if distrustful of authority as a result of early experiences, we tend to strike first rather than wait to be pushed around by others. Another manifestation is being drawn to achievement in the eyes of the world, yet feeling ambivalent about your successes. You may feel pushed to success by the important parental figures of your childhood, and never really have a sense of belonging to your own true destiny, rather than acting on behalf of others' beliefs and goals. These feelings are also connected with low self-esteem, and you may seek to be a well-known presence in the world as a way of making up for feelings of lack of self-worth somewhere below your conscious level of reasoning, yet the victory when it comes may be hollow. In order to avoid these traps, it is good to be in more conscious touch with your hidden feelings, and attempt to bring these into the light to explore them in detail. Once you have begun this process, it will continue as a natural part of your growth, as it becomes easier and easier to confront the scary parts of yourself. At this point you can begin to wield a more conscious and integrated form of personal power. The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally: Chiron in Aries (or the First House) represents issues with one's vital force to be, to act, to initiate. With this placement of Chiron, your very sense of who you are may be threatened by disturbing realizations and painful

17 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR ELISABETH memories., You may have felt belittled and put down in your formative years, rather than encouraged, by the significant adult figures in your life. Even after reaching maturity, you may encounter obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential. These difficulties can set up a pattern for failure, in which you operate more from a fear of failing than the expectation of success that breeds confidence for further achievement. One way this may manifest is in terms of acting not in your own behalf, in furthering your own goals, but rather in behalf of the goals of other people, which seem somehow more important or at least get priority treatment. You may keenly feel a lack of achievement in your own life, and compensate by trying too hard to help these others, putting yourself in the background, as it were. As long as these patterns operate more or less unconsciously, they are difficult to overcome, so the first step in surmounting them is to become more conscious of your own pain; acknowledging and discovering more about what exactly went on in the past to make you feel frustrated with your own abilities. At that point you begin to come out from behind your painful experiences and really show yourself. With a more conscious understanding of your own dynamics you can also begin to truly be of help to others, in how they deal with similar issues, as you start to approach them not from a false sense of vicarious achievement, but from a place of true friendship and helpfulness. N Node in Aquarius (23° Aqu 37') N Node in the Ninth House Lunar North Node in the Ninth House (or sign). South Node in the third house or sign. This placement gives a thoughtful personality, with a focus on understanding moral or ethical belief systems. You may tend to scatter your energies, especially when young. In the past, or in past lifetimes, you concentrated your attention on superficial relationships of the everyday world. Now in this lifetime, your purpose seems to be to lift your attention toward a synthesis of higher consciousness. You will find great joy in pursuing the broader picture, whether in terms of educational perspectives or perhaps participation in cultures other than your own. Although curiosity regarding details and enjoyment of a multiplicity of points of view comes naturally to you, you must now learn to see the forest instead of the trees. Your focus now will become more and more the pursuit of higher knowledge and a deeper understanding of the motivations of others that was meant by the phrase "to understand all is to forgive all." A true philosophy of compassion is your goal. Lunar North Node in Aquarius (or the eleventh house). South Node in the fifth house or sign. This placement gives an individual with a focus on friendships, group associations and social goals. Although creativity on a personal level comes easily to

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