3 years ago

Personality Report Elisabeth

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28 PERSONALITY REPORT FOR ELISABETH The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. With this aspect you are likely to possess a very compulsive nature. You have a tendency to plunge into the depths of despair as well as the heights of manic madness as a form of compensatory reaction to the overindulgence of wallowing in the depths. An overly active interest in sexuality, the potential for the abuse of power, ultimately powerful healing abilities, all are indicated. There are great depths of passion within you, likely the result of painful experiences from early childhood. As long as these experiences remain unintegrated, they will cause a stir, both for yourself and for anyone you become close to. When you become more conscious of these patterns you have a great capacity to heal yourself and others. You also have a keen intuition and great power to transform yourself and your personal relationships as you evolve. You may be one to harness the energy of the collective, especially with regard to the coming transformation of society.

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