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Relationship Report Angela and James

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13 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANGELA AND JAMES outbursts. It's never a good idea to completely hold back your feelings however, since they will eventually find an outlet with even greater intensity. In this relationship, it bodes well to cultivate a regular practice of forgiveness so you can easily move through impulsive disagreement, and to attempt to understand what's underneath your behavior and find creative ways to move it. At its best, this relationship generates an original, active and brilliant mentality. Composite Moon in semisextile (within 1.1 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. This aspect between composite Moon and Jupiter gives your relationship an optimistic and emotionally nurturing quality. You tend to see the best in each other and in the ideas your share, serving as both cheerleaders for each other's process and teammates working toward a shared goal. On the other hand, Jupiter's enthusiasm could have you two signing up for things before you have blinked twice, and before you have had time to carefully think through the consequences of your decisions. It benefits this relationship to take everything more slowly than your kneejerk reaction would dictate, commit carefully, and then fall back on all your good vibes with each other when things get bogged down with the inevitable snags that come along with day-to-day reality. Composite Moon in opposition (within 8.7 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. With this aspect between composite Moon and Uranus, your relationship has an eccentric and unique home base. Your connection is likely to be an unusual one, with a strong intuitive link between you. Things are never dull, although the resulting emotional instability can represent a challenge if one of you attempts to stay within the bounds of a more conservative approach. You two are likely to have changeable emotions, and may develop a reputation for being unpredictable. In a business partnership, you may have come together around the concept of new ways of living. Novelty excites you both. In a romantic connection, you are likely to be extremely honest with each other, and this is a high virtue, although you may find that it gets a little abrasive from time to time. You don't do well with anything resembling boredom. You may change your residence frequently, or be always starting new projects and adventures. Your relationship can give rise to feelings of insecurity at times, possibly because it will evoke memories of disruption from your early home lives. You two are likely to undergo

14 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANGELA AND JAMES fundamental transformations of identity during the life of this relationship, and you will grow from the expression of these impulses. You may find that you need to take space emotionally from each other at times. This relationship may bring out an individualistic streak so strong in each of you, you may have difficulties in settling down into the relationship at all. You benefit when you learn to balance your joint need for security with your individual urges for freedom and experimentation. Composite Moon in inconjunct (within 5.1 degrees) with Midheaven The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this aspect between composite Moon and the Midheaven, your relationship has a strong emotional basis with issues around the idea of a domestic or parenting focus. You are likely to have a strong emotional affect on each other, in friendship or a romantic connection. If the latter, you may have a shared vision of living together and starting a family, or there may be potential disagreements in this area. The Moon here indicates that the mothering and feminine side of each of you is a strong part of your relationship equation and that you have commonly held goals there. The sexual chemistry between you may not sizzle, but your union definitely percolates through your lives in many ways to enrich you both. This makes for a relationship with a nurturing attitude. You will be prone to take care of each other through the course of time, and of others around you that you connect with as a partnership. You may work together to develop a vehicle for your caring and socially oriented values such as a plan to feed large groups of people. In any case you will be supportive of such values as may be in the process of emerging on the world scene. The ruler of your Sun Sign is Composite Pluto in Scorpio (16° Sco 02') The ruler of your Sun sign is characteristic of your personality: Pluto in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter your mutual drive for power and which will be transformative for the relationship. Pluto in the Seventh House (or sign) gives your relationship an intense focus on satisfying your individual needs and desires by pairing up with each other. There may be an almost fated sense of connection between you; that you have come together for some powerful reason. In this relationship, you have a calling to learn all about the nature of your partner's needs and expectations, and there may also be power issues to contend with as one or the other unconsciously tries to dominate. As you sort things out with each other, you will transform yourselves around the issues of balance and control. In a

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