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Relationship Report Angela and James

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17 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANGELA AND JAMES emotional attachments. Relationship is the caldron where your true self may begin to emerge. By becoming more conscious regarding your reactivity with each other, you may start to connect with your own childhood wounds, acknowledging painful events from the past. Once you have begun to integrate any painful feelings you may hold inside yourself, and start to shed the baggage of earlier frustrations, you can be a more fully participating partner, and be more available to others in your life as well. Composite Venus in sextile (within 2.8 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. This aspect between composite Venus and Jupiter indicates a relationship with a warm feeling of affection between you and brings joy to your dealings with each other. There is a refined and idealistic nature to your relationship. You are likely to share a great love of art, beauty, and culture. You naturally support each other's health and well being and this connection tends to benefit each of you and your individual lives. In a romantic connection, you two tend to see life as a joyous game and play it well. Together, you generate both abundance and generosity. You two tend to be incredibly optimistic, and see opportunity in everything. Whatever you set your sights on growing, chances are, it will flourish. It benefits you to stay focused and in touch with what you really want. Your relationship may also bring out a cheerful restlessness in both of you that spurs you on change and adventure. Other Natal Planets Composite Mercury in Scorpio (11° Sco 24') Composite Mercury in the Seventh House Mercury in the composite chart reveals the quality of the communication process in your relationship, and an area of your shared experience where intellectual compatibility is to be found. The composite Mercury in the Seventh House indicates a relationship with good communication. You naturally gravitate in discussion to where the relationship is going, and how to get there, and remain for the most part in total agreement on ways and means. This is obviously a great placement for any kind of partnership, and especially good for a marriage or romantic pairing. You will run into few misunderstandings regarding priorities. While you do not necessarily think alike, your ability to tell your side of the story to each other makes for a harmonious blending of opinion, since you not only understand each other but also have the mutual desire to be as one mind as far as any decisions that affect your partnership are concerned. As a team you are likely to be friendly and social with other people, preferring open discussion to

18 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANGELA AND JAMES keeping your own council. This is not a secretive placement and you might want to remind yourselves of that if the need for confidentiality ever arises. As a partnership you make a good public relations or teaching team and have the verbal and written tools at your disposal to influence the opinion of others around you. Composite Mercury in Scorpio gives a very intensely careful and controlled quality to the communication in your relationship. You tend to make joint plans slowly, and stick to them resolutely. Your shared mental and observational powers are strong and your thoughts as a partnership run deep. You two tend to desire to connect with each other in a profound way. You may not immediately express your ideas; instead choosing to get your point across nonverbally, or when you decide that the time is right. You may also have a tendency to make judgments about each other and those around you. It benefits your relationship if you each make a practice of acceptance and understanding of each other. This bodes well for the two of you as long as you live from what is alive in you and not from fear or defensiveness. Your joint will is strong, and you have a passion for discovering the truth behind surface appearances. You tend to penetrate the depths of any subject. When you are as compassionate as you are penetrating, the relationship and all it touches can't help but truly benefit from these powers of 'psychic surgery.' Composite Saturn in Capricorn (15° Cap 05') Composite Saturn in the Ninth House Saturn in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter limitations and build long-lasting success through trials of accomplishment. Saturn in the Ninth House (or sign) indicates that there is a higher-mind orientation to your relationship, with a blockage or a focused concentration in the area of expanding into new horizons. This placement may bring out a more conservative and conventional streak within the relationship than either of you experience alone, and can also contribute to a heightened social awareness between you. Although you may feel stuck on occasion in coming to a commonly held belief system, you are motivated to spend time and energy in the pursuit of just this goal, and over time this area may become a powerful bond between you. Traveling together and educational initiatives are also important motifs where you will likely struggle, and where you will eventually find a long-lasting shared basis for sticking it out with each other. In a romantic relationship, your joint goals tend to be mental and spiritual, rather than material. You may need to be courageous in expressing your opinions with each other, since you don't always see things the same way. As a partnership, you are geared toward searching for a new framework of shared moral or spiritual values, rather than choosing to adopt

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