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Relationship Report Angela and James

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3 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANGELA AND JAMES friendly and sociable, generous and highminded. You two have an instinct for nurturing others as well as yourselves, and find enjoyment, opportunity and growth in this type of tribal sharing. Together you may possess excellent executive abilities. You share an inherent spirituality, which is displayed not in philosophy, but in acts of love and kindness. You work well in partnership with the public, and attract material rewards without seeming to try for them. In a romantic relationship, you share a natural sense of security, and enjoy each other's family and your own if you have one together. You will have good luck with finding and maintaining a joyful and beneficial home environment. You may find that you bring out the best part of each other's relationship to your early conditioning. You may also find a sense of contentment in performing the simple chores around your shared environment. This relationship will undoubtedly help to expand the consciousness within each of you regarding your background and sense of security, and facilitates your shared exploration of the mystical and the marvelous side of life. Composite Moon in Gemini (26° Gem 10' 34") Composite Moon in the Second House The placement of the composite Moon defines the core emotional focus of your relationship. It indicates the most sensitive area between you. The composite Moon in the Second House indicates a relationship that may be largely based on fulfilling security needs. The strongest emotional bond between you involves finances and the resources of the material world, which is likely to be an important focus of your connection. In a romantic context, the need for emotional security may be very strong in one or both of you, and this relationship provides a safe harbor. The natural gift of this placement can also manifest in a shared emphasis on creating a nest, a sanctuary that provides physical security for the two of you, and for those you love. This placement is also especially good for customer-provider relationships of one kind or another. You may find that one partner takes a special interest helping the other materially, or that you naturally find yourselves taking on a joint financial project together. In any case, you will find few disagreements with each other when it comes to money or material things. The composite Moon in Gemini symbolizes a relationship where a high level of verbal communication and exchange provides a sense of emotional security between you. Together, you tend to keep in close touch and enjoy a shared glibness of tongue when conversing. This placement enhances your shared experience of the changing moment rather than the long term. While enjoying the smartness and versatility of your exchanges, you may also need to soften what can be an overly critical approach at times. In a romantic

4 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANGELA AND JAMES relationship, your ability to express your feelings to each other allows for great flexibility and mutual satisfaction between you. You will also never tire of conversation with each other. Together, you like to express your opinions, and tend to react to situations by thinking, rather than with feeling or direct action. In a community or business setting, this placement brings excellence to networking, mediating, promoting and the general dissemination of information. Composite Sun in Scorpio (5° Sco 44' 51") Composite Sun in the Seventh House Angular planet - conjunct Descendant The placement of the composite Sun defines the core identity of your relationship, and the place where it finds its greatest vitality. It gives you a sense of the predominant flavor of the relationship. The composite Sun in the Seventh House indicates a relationship where each of you gain vitality from relating intimately with each other and with those around you. This is an excellent indicator for all type of partnership, and implies an active orientation toward fully sharing your goals and activities. In a romantic partnership, you keenly feel how this relationship can begin to flesh out your unconscious areas of self. You have an intuitive sense of what the partnership requires and a shared awareness that the sum here definitely adds up to something more than its parts. There may be a tendency for both of you and your individual identities to disappear within the shelter of the relationship, transforming both of you into something new. It is likely that you see in each other someone who reflects your deeper self, and that together, you will to gravitate toward others who reflect that same depth. In a more business-oriented partnership, you likely have much in common with your approach, and are willing to see the joint effort as more important than what you can accomplish individually. Whatever you seek to accomplish together has a good chance of positive results. You only need to be aware that there are in fact two individuals operating here, so as not to lose your individual perspectives in the shared effort. With the Composite Sun in Scorpio, this relationship centers on transformation and regeneration, whether through a mutual interest in sexuality or in some other equally powerful death-rebirth process. Your joint will as a partnership is strong, and you let nothing stand in your way. Together, you are likely to understand and work well with group dynamics and the public in general. When you put your heads together, you tend to become shrewd judges of other people's motives. You also have a good sense of shared commitment. In a romantic connection, you tend to start slowly and then fuse strongly. Sexuality and powerful feelings run deep and personal magnetism runs high. You make a very seductive, persuasive and sometimes

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