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Relationship Report Anna and Harry

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10 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY partnership, and are likely to make some waves when you put your heads together. You may have an excess of out-going initiative that is obvious to others around you. Since there is intense willpower at your disposal in this relationship, you must find a useful outlet for all that energy or you will turn it on each other in unnecessary arguments. Physical activity as a partnership might be an appealing way for you to do that. You may also want to beware of being sharp with each other, or of one partner attempting to overpower the other. When you channel your considerable energy into constructive directions you will go far operating as a team. Composite Neptune in weak opposition (within 7.1 degrees) with Ascendant The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This aspect between Composite Neptune and Ascendant signifies a highly sensitive, visionary and creative relationship. Your partnership may well be founded on principles of an artistic or musical nature, and you are likely to be sensitive to each other to an extraordinary degree. One of you might be so sympathetic to the needs of the other that you may be altogether too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of your partner. Or as a partnership you may readily give in to the demands of others around you. Together you possess an ethereal quality, perhaps more so as a unit than either one of you apart from each other. In your relationship you may have problems in feeling free to assert yourself so that you evade decisions, or practice other forms of escapism. There could also be issues that come up within the relationship of illusion or even outright deception. Together, you feel a marked remoteness from ordinary reality that may find its natural outlet in poetic or musical expression. Your powerful connection with the spiritual dimension of reality is a wonderful ideal to adhere to and takes you far along your intended path, especially when you can manage to achieve a balance with the practicalities of ordinary life. Composite Pluto in weak trine (within 7.5 degrees) with Ascendant The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect between Composite Pluto and Ascendant signifies a transformative and depth-oriented relationship. Your connection has its dark moments, but is fundamental in energizing your lives and allowing you to move through some very significant issues together. You are likely to be engaged in some form of power struggle with each other in this relationship, which can be difficult to handle gracefully, but which can also be a blessing in bringing up the hidden places within each of you and exposing them to the light of conscious awareness. As a partnership

11 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY you have strong desires, and are intent on pursuing them. Whether a personal or professional one, your relationship will likely go through many changes as you evolve in your understanding of yourselves and each other. There may be boundary concerns that come up between you, or questions of who is calling the shots at any one moment, and these may cause conflict as you work them out together. You benefit from paying close attention to how you respond with your inner voice to each of these situations, preferring to deal with your own needs and reactivity first and foremost rather than playing the blame game, which is essentially a cop out from handling your own issues. By witnessing your feelings and respecting your partner you may achieve much in the way of evolving the relationship between you, and to advance your own personal evolution as well. Composite Sun in Aries (8° Ari 27' 18") Composite Sun in the Tenth House The placement of the composite Sun defines the core identity of your relationship, and the place where it finds its greatest vitality. It gives you a sense of the predominant flavor of the relationship. With the composite Sun in the Tenth House, you and your partner likely share a common interest in matters practical and ambitious. It is likely that you know exactly where this relationship stands and where you are going with it. This is an excellent placement for professional or business partnerships. In a romantic relationship you have a common set of goals and it is likely that you value each other as means of achieving recognition. You mutually support each other in your career and professional life. One drawback would be that the focus of your lives together tends to be on work interests rather than personal ones, although this placement is obviously very good for going into business with each other. Talking about the world and your place in it is easy. The challenge is to remember to attend to your shared personal needs as well. If you can balance your need for outer achievement with your need for personal fulfillment, this connection will work well for you. With the Composite Sun in Aries, your relationship centers on a strong initiating quality. As a duo you are very good at taking your powerful outgoing energy and using it for creativity and generally getting things done together. Like the first rush of spring, your relationship has a headstrong pioneering quality to it. You may be inclined to take some risks together in your enthusiasm. You benefit when you learn to reflect and pace yourselves before you rush in. In a romantic relationship, you may share an acute need for love and affection. This relationship has an inherent vitality all its own and you may find that when you are not bringing new ideas into being, you spend much of your time being physically active. You may also find that your joint energy burns out as brilliantly as it blazes

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