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Relationship Report Anna and Harry

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22 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY get in touch with the part of yourself that has been carefully hidden away, defended from the pressures of consensus reality, you can come to a sense of peace with your darker, more hidden self. As your relationship matures in this process of integration, you will both find a way to be a part of the world at large, to participate and share in its wonders and its disasters, without giving anything up. This difficult transformation is vital to your emotional health and well being, and makes it possible for you both to eventually reach out to others as well and help them integrate their shadows into similar wholeness. Composite Chiron in Taurus (or the Second House) indicates a relationship that provides an opportunity for you to face deeply held wounds with regard to your ability to attain sustenance and maintain possessions. With this placement of Chiron, physical resources challenge your relationship. One or both of you may have seen everything taken away at one time or another, or you may have risen above challenging circumstances materially, demonstrate a painful attitude toward material well being. Perhaps you must face fears that possessions dominate the life of the relationship. Where others are able to count on their resources and trust that they will have what they need, either materially, or physically, or within their own psyches, you may find yourselves suspicious that what you have will not last. Even if it is more than adequate by some standards, it seems somehow not enough to satisfy you. These feelings may also spill over into deep issues regarding the relationship's core values, or that which defines it in terms of what you both choose to support and give credence to. You may feel at sea in this area, rather than on stable ground, not sure about what you do and don't find attractive. These ambivalent feelings toward material possessions and values may find their roots in early childhood relationships, in which one or both of you perhaps experienced pain getting what you wanted for yourselves, independent of those who had authority over you. Sometimes these issues are so painful that it is easier not to deal with them directly. Getting in touch with these deep and partially repressed feelings is of ultimate importance for the success of the relationship. When you can confront the parts of yourselves and your relationship that are painful and scary, and begin to integrate the feelings that you have buried away, you will become more in charge of your relationship and the course that you each take through life as well. Composite N Node in Cancer (8° Can 42'R) Composite N Node in the First House Lunar North Node in the First House (or sign). South Node in the seventh house or sign. This placement in a composite chart signifies that within this relationship you each have a focus on advancing into your own individual selfhood. You are getting your own act together,

23 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY at this time. Throughout your life you may have been aware of issues with depending other people, and perhaps too much, and now the two of you are each entering into a greater self-reliance. You may encounter places within the relationship where you find that you are overly depending on each other, leaning rather than standing up tall, and where you are forced to acknowledge this factor if you want to move ahead with your lives. This signature refers also to the impact that your partnership has on those around you. Together, you are perceived by others to potentially have a lot going on, to be doers rather than passive followers. In fact there is a way that you are summoned to be active as a team, and to be helpful in bringing new ideas into being, and this contributes to your evolutionary path in the context of this relationship. You are being called to depend on no one but yourselves. Events may seem to drive you into this direction, but it is good to remember that outer events can be another facet of the voice of your inner Self. Composite Lunar North Node in Cancer (or the fourth house). South Node in the tenth house or sign. This placement in a composite chart signifies that the relationship has a strong need for emotional security. Each of you may feel like you are special, a person of great achievements, and you may in the past even feel isolated in your singularity, as though in previous lifetimes you had spent a great deal of your energy on getting to the top. But as the refrain goes, "It's lonely at the top" and your focus now as you relate to one another will be on getting a better sense of who you really are, at the level of your emotional roots. You will find that as you advance in your life, and especially in the context of this partnership, that your home life is increasingly important to you. Exploring the depths of your beings through meditation or some sort of transpersonal process work will also be extremely beneficial as you explore your deeper sides. Although as a partnership you may feel tempted to go out and achieve in the world of career and public life, for which you have a natural affinity, it is in the area of establishing a secure base of operations, and of nurturing your immediate community of friends and family that you find your greatest fulfillment, this time around. Other Aspects Composite Venus in strong trine (within 1.1 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect between composite Venus and Jupiter indicates a relationship with a warm feeling of affection between you and brings joy to your dealings with each other. There is a refined and idealistic nature to your relationship. You are likely to share a great love of art, beauty, and culture. You naturally

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