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Relationship Report Anna and Harry

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26 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY relationship, it benefits you both to connect with your deepest, highest selves in order to be happy. You are part of a dawning awareness that we that cannot help but be part of creating a new paradigm for life on planet earth. You function at your best together when you are in service to the world, helping increase awareness of interconnectedness and oneness. Composite Mercury in conjunction (within 5.0 degrees) with Venus The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This aspect between composite Mercury and Venus lends ease and charm to your interactions. You two actually enhance each other's ability to communicate, often finding just the right words to express a feeling. You are likely to drop into very creative conversations together, and you write as well as you speak. Together, you are friendly and sociable, with a strong leaning toward the artistic and beautiful side of life. Your relationship exudes an extremely persuasive force in a quiet way. Just be sure not to use the grace inherent in your communication to candy coat things that need to be spoken in clear, strong light. Mercury and Venus aspects also address the background of the relationship, the space between the words and the quality of the connection in between direct encounters. With the conjunction, you two share a strong intuitive link and tend to feel each other's presence even when you are days and worlds apart. Composite Mercury in trine (within 6.1 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect between composite Mercury and Jupiter gives your relationship an optimistic and intellectually stimulating quality, and brings a quiet and unassuming nature to the communication between you that hides a highly sophisticated and deeply wise intelligence. This placement indicates a talent for creating opportunities and plans. Together, you have an ability to hold both a comprehensive overview of the big picture and a thorough understanding of all the details that go into it. You two are master manifesters in this sense. Your complex intelligence as a partnership may go quietly unnoticed, because it emphasizes steering wisely rather than showing off. It may benefit you to have someone else toot the horn for you. You also may find that as a partnership you share a capacity for clear communication that makes you a good speaking and teaching team. You likely prefer a simple mode of life and possess a good balance between the spiritual and physical realms. You benefit from developing these joint gifts, and sharing them with each other and with loved ones, and with the world around you.

27 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY Composite Mercury in trine (within 3.7 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect between composite Mercury and Uranus brings to your relationship an unusual communication style and mental acuteness, with a unique ability to grasp new concepts. As a partnership you enjoy the exploration of new ways of thinking and being, and are visionary in your shared outlook, intellectually straying far beyond conventional attitudes. This relationship undoubtedly provides mental acuity, giving you an ability to think outside the box freely and grasp new concepts quickly. In general you exhibit a skill for innovation and a strong mental acuity that lends itself to clear and original expression, and work very effectively in the classroom and in the professional sector as well as within more personal connections. In the best of your productions, you can share your ideas with others in a way that inspires rather than overwhelms. You may also gravitate toward inspired realms of thought, finding that you go further together than you do alone. Whether your relationship is personal or professional in nature, others value your ability to get to the core of an issue and find workable solutions quickly. You often communicate in flashes of insight, and are able to see things from a holistic perspective. You benefit from bringing discipline and persistence to the practical realization of your shared visions, which ultimately serve both the relationship and the larger world that surrounds you. Composite Mercury in square (within 4.7 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect between composite Mercury and Neptune indicates a clever and imaginative relationship but one with the potential for miscommunication and deceptive illusion between you. You are bound to connect very deeply with each other on subtle, psychic and unconscious levels, and you also are bound to run into some confusion while doing it. You communicate in a very sensitive and attuned way, with a capacity to feel each other, literally, across time and space. However, when it comes to practical interchanges, you may find that the ideas you mutually generate get only half-baked, or that they come out of the oven with several key ingredients missing. You might have been sure that you got your point across, for example, only to find out later that it was grossly misinterpreted. In a romantic relationship with this placement, you do well to develop alternative modes of communicating. When making joint decisions, you could try tuning into your hearts or your guts rather than your heads, relying on what you feel and know, rather than on what you think at the time. It benefits you to share your

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