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Relationship Report Anna and Harry

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28 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY secrets, developing a regular practice of revealing more and omitting less, and to experience the vulnerability and joy that comes from breaking through limiting fantasies or the appearance of aloof detachment. As you work through these challenges, you gain access to your capacity to experience visionary and poetic realities with each other, and to enjoy your incredible sensitivity together, hopefully learning to clearly channel the truths that arise out of your joint imagination for the benefit of yourselves and the society around you. Composite Mercury in septile (within 0.8 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies darkly interact; incline to occult dimensions apart from socially accepted norms. With this aspect in your composite chart you may find that there is difficulty, and also great healing potential within your relationship, in the way that you express your ideas to each other. In the past, one or both of you may have had trauma in your background in connection with how you expressed yourself to your peers or siblings as a youngster. In the present, you may feel the residue of these painful early experiences, in terms of your ability to communicate effectively with those around you. It is likely that these same issues will come up in the context of this relationship for more conscious recognition and eventual healing. It may also be that you begin to detect painful and difficult circumstances in the communication between the two of you as you get to know each other more completely. Of course it is always important to acknowledge your own feelings and possible wounding and reactivity first and foremost, rather than simply playing the "blame game" with each other. As you start to work things out, you begin to gain more conscious understanding of the ways in which you have been traumatized, and also unconsciously hurt others, in the past and on going. When you begin the process of transforming your painful experiences in this regard into clear pictures with greater acceptance less emotion attached to them, you'll discover the potential healing energy in your communication within the partnership, and for the way that you connect with others around you as well. Composite Venus in inconjunct (within 1.6 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. This aspect between composite Venus and Saturn brings a potential blockage to your relationship, as well as a deepening and a concentration of your powers. With this placement you may notice you don't get what you want from your partner. You may feel as though you were working at cross-purposes

29 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY with each other. Especially in a romantic relationship, obstacles to do with distance, age, lack of availability or the like, tend to crop up on your joint path, making it difficult for you get to where you want to go with each other. Even in a business-oriented partnership, these types of issues may present problems and keep you from ever feeling as though you were truly on the same page with each other. You may seem cold or uncaring to each other at times, or express jealousy or other feelings of inferiority, which may also manifest as a nagging discontent with life in general, and this of course causes difficulty in the relationship. Together, you have an opportunity to rise above these circumstances with concentrated effort over time toward inner integration and balance, building a relationship more fully explored and felt. Composite Venus in inconjunct (within 0.2 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this aspect between composite Venus and Pluto, your relationship has a magnetic quality and a passionate intensity for shared interests. There may be a compulsive quality to your relationship with a focus on working through the intense emotional attachments you likely feel for each other. Together, you are likely to be charismatic and intense, with a strong desire to break through barriers. In spite of this, you may find it difficult to satisfy each other emotionally, and this placement can indicate unrequited love. You each may feel a conflicted form of desire to simultaneously get close while fearfully holding back. With this placement, your attraction to each other can be so intense it may take on the quality of an obsession. If you can play with this energy in a conscious way, you can learn a lot from each other about the heights of ecstasy, as well as how to work with power, control, surrender and submission. If one of you must experience an unrequited expression of this strong energy, take care to express your passion in creative rather than in destructive ways you may later regret. You may experience great challenge in marriage and romantic partnership, and yet also gain great rewards in terms of healing your mutual issues of closeness and dependency. You must also beware of power struggles with this placement. Your intense feelings for each other may lead to a subtle form of manipulation. This connection is likely to put you in touch with the darker sides of yourselves, giving you both a rare opportunity to work out some of the more extreme parts of your personality, which can go a long way toward bringing you into wholeness. As you work through the complications of this placement, you may experience a painful reexamination of your relationship goals. If you can bring some to light to the way you handle closeness in this relationship, you can

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