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Relationship Report Anna and Harry

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34 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY heritage. A better level of integration is possible, producing a more self-assured and balanced personality, independent from parental influences or even of those of society. Composite Pluto in inconjunct (within 4.2 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this aspect in your composite chart you are likely to be engaged in a relationship in which there is difficulty and also great healing potential around issues of power and control. There may also be compulsive behavior on the part of one or both partners that comes up for greater acceptance and eventual healing during the course of this relationship. As a result of your life experiences before coming together, one or both of you may have a tendency to plunge into the depths of despair or the heights of manic madness as a form of compensatory reaction to over-indulgence in one form or another of a compulsive desire nature, perhaps expressed in terms of sexuality or abuse of power. Potent healing abilities are ultimately indicated with this placement, but you must first work through some tough issues, and this relationship can be life changing in that regard. Of course the relationship will be an important testing ground where power and control issues emerge, and where a tremendous increase in consciousness around them may result, but that is only the first step. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and the nature of this work is that a good deal of it must be done alone. However, the safety zone of a mutually agreed conscious relationship can be an invaluable asset in pursuing such rewards. There are great depths of passion within each one of you, likely the result of painful experiences from early childhood, and there is tremendous benefit to be gained when these experiences become better integrated. When you become more conscious of these patterns you have a huge capacity to heal yourself and even others in your circle. As a partnership you have a keen intuition for each other, and great power to transform not only yourselves and your relationship but the larger collective surrounding you as well. Composite Sun in weak conjunction (within 11.1 degrees) with Venus The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. This conjunction between composite Sun and Venus brings a warm-hearted and affectionate quality to your relationship. You generally find it easy to enjoy life and its pleasures together. You tend to have similar interests and a shared sense that it doesn't matter what you end up doing; you simply enjoy being together. As a twosome, you tend to come off as cheerful, charming and likable.

35 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY In a romantic relationship, this placement can enhance an erotic desire to express love. You present well in public and will have an easy time getting doors to open for you. This is the most meaningful aspect that Sun and Venus can make, and when you find it present in your relationship, you may consider that you have found a true companion. transforming fogginess into clarity, especially when you can form a sense of trust for the exchange of accurate and gently delivered feedback. If used wisely, the otherworldly energy of Neptune provides your relationship with a tremendous sensitivity and creativity that can manifest in both healing and artistic channels. Composite Sun in weak square (within 10.8 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. With this aspect between composite Sun and Neptune, your relationship has vision and creativity, with a high degree of sensitivity between you. You will find that your connection has an unworldly, ethereal side, a marked remoteness from the ordinary day to day. There could be issues of idealism or fantasy, perhaps even outright deception that you will mutually work through in the course of this partnership. In a romantic connection, your relationship may revolve around art, music or the healing modalities. You two have the propensity to provide an escape for each other, and you could make great drinking buddies. It benefits you to support each other's awakening rather than self-deceptive illusions. If you do, you may take advantage of the safe container this relationship provides to help each other to dive deeply into your emotional process,

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