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Relationship Report Anna and Harry

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4 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY self-expression or your understanding of who you are as an individual may be enhanced as a result. As a partnership you also may feel an intense desire to influence the minds and hearts of others around you. You may uncover an underlying drive or perhaps a compulsion for power that this relationship brings out, and if so, this issue is likely to become deeply transformed as a result of your connection with each other. In a romantic context, there is likely to be a strong sexual component to your relationship. You may want to examine your need for closeness more deeply, as there could be unconscious motivations, or cases where one partner is taking advantage of the other without realizing it. You benefit when you each allow yourselves to develop individuality without fear of loss. You also benefit when you can move away from looking for what you gain to allowing yourselves to give, both to each other and to others around you. Within the context of this relationship, you may also mutually express a desire to develop a larger awareness of the overall social conditions that surround you. You may project as a pairing a sense of "mefirst" that can put people off or make them feel like they are being manipulated in some way. Transformation in this area is quite possible, resulting in a more positive expression of personal power, and better self-expression for each of you individually. As you express the more positive form of your joint creative energy, your relationship better serves both yourselves and society surrounding you. Composite Pluto in Libra (or the seventh house) gives your relationship an intense focus on satisfying your individual needs and desires by pairing up with each other. There may be an almost fated sense of connection between you; that you have come together for some powerful reason. In this relationship, you have a calling to learn all about the nature of your partner's needs and expectations, and there may also be power issues to contend with as one or the other unconsciously tries to dominate. As you sort things out with each other, you will transform yourselves around the issues of balance and control. In a romantic relationship, this transformation toward balance may at first manifest as an unconscious acting out of traditional roles. As you begin to resist playing out old patterns with your partner, a powerful love/hate response may arise in either one of you. Getting to the point where your will becomes harmonized with your partner takes time, but eventually the two of you will develop the ability to at least partially begin to "act as one," as power struggles give way to shared love and mutual respect. Gaining the courage to begin to confront these patterns becomes the challenge. You benefit when you allow time for shared reflection when your needs are not being met. A great deal of selfknowledge will be generated through your discussions around the issues of power

5 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR ANNA AND HARRY sharing versus unilateral control once you can learn to really hear each other. Important Features Composite Mars in Capricorn (11° Cap 06') Composite Mars in the Seventh House Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler The placement of Mars in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared activity in pursuit of partnership goals, and where ego needs may be identified. Mars in the Seventh House (or sign) brings out a sensitive and emotionally impressionable but powerful energy in your relationship. Together you have a strong drive to get involved with and to lead other people. You two are likely to be seen by others as epitomizing charm and poise. In this relationship, you can both be persuasive talkers, and are fond of getting your own way, but you are also truly committed to fairness for all parties to a dispute, and will go out of your way to make sure it happens. In a romantic context, you are likely to be rash and ardent lovers, and it is possible that you will commit to each other early on. You both may be attracted to the ideal of partnerships generally, and benefit from cultivating selfreliance. You might need to work through quarreling with each other and those around you as a way of standing up to being overly influenced. You benefit from cultivating moderation and objectivity in your dealings with each other, and when as a team you relate to others. Composite Mars in Capricorn (or the tenth house) brings out an ambitious, vigorous and persistent quality in your relationship, with a conservative and careful drive that almost always reaches its goals. You generally work well together and are motivated toward achievement, with a naturally controlled energy that lends itself to effective leadership as long as there are few issues regarding cooperation between you. This placement makes for an effective working relationship, especially for projects that require a high degree of intensity. Your joint action is also likely to be guided by social convention. In a romantic context, you have a physically active relationship that needs to work hard and play hard together. You may need to cultivate warmth, sensitivity and a spirit of cooperation and learn to substitute these for your natural inclination toward scorekeeping. As a partnership, you tend to move forward together with an elegance that arises out of a concentrated, simple, and straightforward approach. You are goal oriented and your actions are usually directed rather than impulsive. You may benefit from cultivating greater spontaneity. Composite Neptune in Sagittarius (27° Sag 38') Composite Neptune in the

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