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Relationship Report Linda and Daniel

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6 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR LINDA AND DANIEL experience confusion over the power and/or sexual dynamics that come up between you. It may benefit you to put some extra attention into thinking and feeling through these sensitive issues. A process of spiritual transformation may take place in each of you as the relationship matures. You benefit from applying greater clarity to your shared values and to your intimate connection. Composite Neptune in Capricorn (or the tenth house) brings an idealistic nature to the way that you jointly interact with the world. You may achieve much together in helping others. On the other hand, you may also experience some degree of confusion regarding this relationship or your role within it. You benefit when you make an extra effort to understand what you are trying to accomplish together and stay on top of your responsibilities to each other and with the world around you. In a romantic context, this relationship has some very high ideals, and perhaps illusions, associated with your joint interaction. You each have an idealistic streak that carries over into the way you see yourselves in relationship with each other, while others may not be able to understand what's going in your relationship at all. You may find that it helps to clarify your mutual goals and to stay open to the idea you to have come together to respond to a joint calling. On the positive side, you have the potential within your relationship to express the highest ideals of society. You may collaborate at a professional level on spiritual or healing modalities. At any rate, you enjoy giving more than receiving when it comes to shared service or mutual employment. Angular Planets Composite Saturn in Scorpio (28° Sco 33'R) Composite Saturn in the Seventh House Angular planet - conjunct Descendant Saturn in the composite chart reveals the area of your shared experience where you will encounter limitations and build long-lasting success through trials of accomplishment. Saturn in the Seventh House (or sign) indicates a relationship with a deepening and concentration of your ability to relate well with each other that grows over time. There may be difficulties in establishing a relationship between you, but also great rewards to be gained when you finally do completely connect. There are also likely to be duties or obligations that bind you indissolubly, so that this is one prognostication for a long-lasting bond with each other. This is actually an excellent placement for a marriage or long term relationship. Your relationship may seem to have an almost "fated" quality to it; and in spite of its challenges, it matures well. One or both of you may experience a sense of isolation at times, although the self-reliance

7 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR LINDA AND DANIEL that is engendered can eventually transmute into a partnership that rests on the strength of very solid pillars. As a partnership, you share an outer-directed and considered focus. Together, you are easy to get along with, and your shared diplomacy and tact lends itself to your success in any type of relationship or business partnership. Composite Saturn in Scorpio (or the eighth house) symbolizes an intense relationship that evokes a profound emotional experience between you. There may be a blockage, or a deepening of concentration in your feelings when together so that many and complex emotions are generated between you. You will likely feel the undercurrent of powerful feelings in connection with your partner, but these may be only partly available to your conscious awareness without doing some work and digging down to try to understand them better. This relationship tends to trigger and thus help you to understand poweroriented and possessive qualities in each of you. In a romantic relationship, you may find that some important level of intimacy is consistently blocked. This can be frustrating, and this placement is in fact a difficult one for romance. If you learn to trust your partner and open up to the process, this relationship can provide each of you with an opportunity heal fears surrounding the issue of emotional closeness and sexuality. One of the main lessons of this relationship may in fact be to learn to master and bring to consciousness these hidden drives within each of you, transforming this energy into a sustaining healing power for yourselves and those around you. Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features Gemini Rising The composite Rising Sign is the image that this partnership presents to others and characterizes the nature of the relationship. With Gemini rising in your composite chart, your relationship tends to be airy and intellectual, and full of commentary about life and other people. You mutually engage in wit and humor, and bring these qualities out in each other when you are together. Gemini is the sign associated with thought processes, communication and the conscious mind. Your ruling planet is Mercury. Your relationship may be characterized by the experience of two sides of things, and since you exhibit a great deal of curiosity about life in general, you may find that together you engage in many varied types of experience. You enjoy sharing conversation with each other. In a romantic relationship your love of conversation brings you great pleasure, either in or out of bed. You may find the relationship has a high-strung, or mischievous quality to it. As a partnership, you are inclined to be fond of children, and are perhaps childlike yourselves. You make a good teaching team. Your mission as a partnership is

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