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Relationship Report Linda and Daniel

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16 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR LINDA AND DANIEL responsible, centered and hard-working basis that also might be experienced as a blockage of emotional connection between you. Regardless of how either of you behave on your own, you may find that together, you respond to each other in unusually formal, or even rigid, ways. When you feel a tendency to slow down or stop in your expression with each other, it benefits you both to push forward. You will likely be surprised at just how much more you get out of the relationship, and of life, in the process. Composite Moon in inconjunct (within 4.8 degrees) with Uranus The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. With this aspect between composite Moon and Uranus, your relationship has an eccentric and unique home base. Your connection is likely to be an unusual one, with a strong intuitive link between you. Things are never dull, although the resulting emotional instability can represent a challenge if one of you attempts to stay within the bounds of a more conservative approach. You two are likely to have changeable emotions, and may develop a reputation for being unpredictable. In a business partnership, you may have come together around the concept of new ways of living. Novelty excites you both. In a romantic connection, you are likely to be extremely honest with each other, and this is a high virtue, although you may find that it gets a little abrasive from time to time. You don't do well with anything resembling boredom. You may change your residence frequently, or be always starting new projects and adventures. Your relationship can give rise to feelings of insecurity at times, possibly because it will evoke memories of disruption from your early home lives. You two are likely to undergo fundamental transformations of identity during the life of this relationship, and you will grow from the expression of these impulses. You may find that you need to take space emotionally from each other at times. This relationship may bring out an individualistic streak so strong in each of you, you may have difficulties in settling down into the relationship at all. You benefit when you learn to balance your joint need for security with your individual urges for freedom and experimentation. Composite Moon in trine (within 9.1 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect between composite Moon and Pluto signifies a powerful emotional intensity in the connection between you. You are likely to be very sensitive and emotionally extreme with each other, and you may each exhibit something of a power drive, especially in domestic areas or in how you give to and nurture each other. If you can put your fear aside, you are likely to experience an

17 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR LINDA AND DANIEL unusually clear insight into each other's emotional depths that can border on the psychic. In a romantic relationship especially there are likely to be boundary issues, or issues of codependence, that come up between you. These emotional issues can lead to stormy weather between you from time to time. Actually, these issues may lie in wait for weeks and even months before showing themselves, but whether acknowledged or not they are part and parcel of your relationship just the same. The purpose of such a focus on these powerfully constellated emotions that come up between you is to help to bring them to the surface for eventual healing. These may be symptoms that reflect hidden insecurities that rule your behavior from largely unconscious levels of your personality. Together, you can help each other break through to higher states of safety and autonomy. As you bring these deeply held emotions to greater consciousness you help not only your own behavior but your partner's also and by extension, the world around you as well. Composite Moon in semisextile (within 1.7 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. This aspect in your composite chart symbolizes a relationship in which there is difficulty with the feminine and nurturing side of life, and also great potential for healing these areas as you work together. Of course the important early model for the feminine is mother, and it is likely that one or both of you experienced some degree of painful episodes there. If there were such traumas in your early relationship with your own mother or significant female parental figure, in the course of this relationship these may be helped toward resolution. In a marriage partnership, there may also be issues to be healed with your children, and the mothering and nurturing that they require. Role models may also come into play here, as you expand your understanding of who you really are in the context of this relationship. Issues with mother are of course endemic in both modern and ancient culture, as typified in mythology. Perhaps you had a close relationship, but yet your needs were somehow not met, resulting in unconscious resentments which only surfaced later in your adult life. Or there may have been emotional or physical abuse. These experiences are so painful that they are often suppressed from consciousness, and buried deep in the psyche. It is important as you progress through life to move past the resentment caused by early wounding into a more conscious and compassionate reconciliation with the walled off parts of your own nature. In order to make progress here, deep psychological process of some variety is strongly indicated, perhaps through therapy, and the issues that come up in close interpersonal relationship often represent a

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