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Relationship Report Linda and Daniel

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32 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR LINDA AND DANIEL ability to reach out verbally to the world outside your partnership, either in spoken or written form, with a restless curiosity that touches on many subjects. You may enter into a joint writing project or encourage others to do the same. Leavening your wit and wisdom with an emotional depth and sharing it in that way with society around you gives you the best of both worlds. Composite Venus in weak trine (within 6.3 degrees) with Jupiter The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. This aspect between composite Venus and Jupiter indicates a relationship with a warm feeling of affection between you and brings joy to your dealings with each other. There is a refined and idealistic nature to your relationship. You are likely to share a great love of art, beauty, and culture. You naturally support each other's health and well being and this connection tends to benefit each of you and your individual lives. In a romantic connection, you two tend to see life as a joyous game and play it well. Together, you generate both abundance and generosity. You two tend to be incredibly optimistic, and see opportunity in everything. Whatever you set your sights on growing, chances are, it will flourish. It benefits you to stay focused and in touch with what you really want. Your relationship may also bring out a cheerful restlessness in both of you that spurs you on change and adventure. Composite Mars in weak trine (within 6.3 degrees) with Chiron The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With this aspect in your composite chart you are likely to be engaged in a relationship in which there is great healing potential around the issues of expressing anger and exerting personal will. It may be that one or both of you have had painful experiences, perhaps in your early childhood, with violence or potential violence on the part of someone close to you. As you continually work through whatever arises in your daily interactions with each other, these types of issues may come up for acceptance and healing. Since the powerful emotions associated with such woundings hover below the level of consciousness it is often the case that your self-awareness around them truly begins to manifest only in your relationship connection. You may also be called upon as a partnership to exert a beneficial influence regarding these issues on others around you. When you become more conscious and accepting of these patterns in yourself, as you work through them in the course of this relationship, you will less and less need to act them out. A better level of integration is possible, producing a more self-assured and powerful personality.

33 RELATIONSHIP REPORT FOR LINDA AND DANIEL Composite Mars in weak trine (within 7.1 degrees) with Midheaven The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With this aspect between composite Mars and the Midheaven, your relationship has a passionate intensity for joint activity. You two are naturally competitive, or at least you are with each other, and your relationship seems to bring out the aggressive edge in each of you. Achievement and activity may be one hallmark of your connection with each other, and you may even have come together around the issue of physical activity. In a romantic relationship you are likely to be seen by others as extremely active and athletic partnership. You have tons of energy for each other and for all kinds of active pursuits, such as hiking and sports. It may be that playing hard with each other is something that not only comes naturally but is necessary for your continued happiness as a couple. As a team your go-getter nature gives you an excellent ability to get things done, and also great drive to succeed. You only need to look out for ego assertion taking up too much of your abundant energy. Mutual career issues are very important for your partnership, and you may achieve much together as you harness your powerful drive in the pursuit of social goals. (within 7.7 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time. This aspect brings to the relationship a serious and conscientious quality with however a tendency toward the impractical. Though the two of you are motivated to achieve success, you will likely run into some self-imposed barriers on the road to achieving it. There may be a gap between your ambition and what you actually can accomplish. You tend not to be content with the extent of your responsibilities until you have taken on too much, leading to the problem of actually fulfilling these obligations. As a partnership, you also may have too limited and narrow a view of your potential, so that you aim too low, and garner less than you are capable of. This could lead to problems with material well being, or a tendency toward being too cautious and thrifty for your own good. Your relationship benefits from cultivating a more confident and generous attitude, and finding greater contentment with your present resources. Composite Jupiter in weak square

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