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Solar Return Angela

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11 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA Important Features Mars in Virgo (15° Vir 18') Mars in the First House Angular planet - conjunct Ascendant Mars in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of outwardly expressed energy and focus over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Mars in the First House, this year you are infused with ambition and the drive to achieve each and every one of your personal goals and projects. Positive motivation comes naturally now, and you're likely to direct your energy with fervor and vigor. Self-assertion can be a valuable personality trait and over the next twelve months you are likely to prove this to yourself in a powerful way. While you are in the midst of this you are likely to accomplish great things; however, you should guard against the potential of coming across more forcefully than you really intend to. Indeed you could wind up acting downright intimidating, especially when thwarted, during this time. You have a short fuse and might appear confrontational or angry. You're also likely to come across as more selfish than usual. You may be defensive at times but on a positive note you'll also be willing to fight for yourself. You are your own army - just choose your battles wisely. There could be some problems collaborating with others or even peacefully co-existing. You very much want to do your own thing and it's possible for you to step on some toes along the way. This energy for using your drive and actions towards personal development is dominating and unapologetic. It's also a great year to focus on physical activity of any kind, which provides a necessary outlet for potential angry emotions. In spite of the drawbacks, the vitality you possess and the independent action you are capable of taking on your projects this year promise to lead you straight to that which you intend to accomplish. Jupiter in Sagittarius (15° Sag 55') Jupiter in the Fourth House Angular planet - conjunct Nadir Jupiter in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of positive attitude and favorable circumstances over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Jupiter placed in the Fourth House this year, your family ties are likely to be expanded. It is probable that there will be a major focus on your home and family this year. If there are currently stressful situations that you are dealing with in your family dynamic then these twelve months could find these problems blown up out of proportion and

12 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA becoming more urgently worked on. Alternatively, there could be a focus of attention that reduces tensions. Either way there will be benefits. If things are status quo at home, the year is likely to represent an expansion in the existing peace and harmony. With Neptune placed in the seventh house of your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period leading up to your next birthday there is a spiritual emphasis on your capacity to relate and your ability to partner with others. It is also possible for you to expand your physical home in some capacity. If you do decide to do this, the value of your home is likely to increase. Be sure to consider however that you might be spending more money than you anticipated. Since your optimism is increased at this time, you could also bite off too large a project and run into trouble completing all your plans. It's likely that you will be pleased with the results of whatever type of development, especially if you apply a modicum of caution. Your emotions are also likely to run high this year, or at least your conscious awareness of your feelings. This is a fortunate occurrence as being in touch with your emotions allows you to better relate to others, and increases mutual understanding. There is also the potential for family ties to be strengthened. Faith in tribe or family is important to you this year and will bring you positive results far into the future. Neptune in Pisces (17° Pis 17'R) Neptune in the Seventh House Angular planet - conjunct Descendant This is a year that will likely have some major effect on your relationship energy in one way or another. You are in a place where you both idealize partnerships of all kinds and are also confused by this powerful factor in your life. You do not necessarily know where to take the energy or how to deal with it. You tend to put partners on a pedestal, so that one potential problem is that your "need to be needed" can consume you to the point of becoming involved in relationships where you put your own requirements aside in favor of your partner's. You also might serve as the rescuer, the one who is self-sacrificing to the point of no return. The savior in you brings out the victim in another. If you have an existing marriage or partnership this might be a year of confusion concerning the direction of the relationship. The key to clarity might be to attempt to question your feelings to some extent and to remain as grounded in practicality as possible. It also helps when you can let go of the steering wheel and allow a higher power to determine the path of your destiny with this person. When you do not let go and let God, as it were, confusion can easily arise as to your true partnership goals, and this could apply to

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