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Solar Return Angela

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15 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA reasons for you to spend quality time right now primarily with yourself. study other belief systems in an effort to decide which, if any, are right for you. You could have a greater than usual inclination to go within yourself in order to decide what truly pleases you. Along with this tendency to internalize, your powers of attraction and beauty are quite strong at this time. You may have an easier path to getting what you want and in attracting others to you, so that the only problem may be in deciding. Once the decision is made, you'll find it almost effortless to attain results. There are great benefits indicated when you do choose to express yourself. Your finances are likely to improve and achievement will follow when you trust in your ability and access your talents to the fullest. Uranus in Taurus (6° Tau 15'R) Uranus in the Ninth House Uranus in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of enlightenment, change and freedomseeking activity over this twelve-month period until your next birthday. With Uranus placed in the ninth house this year, the emphasis for change is in the totality of your beliefs and convictions. It is likely that you feel almost compelled to break free from some of the more traditional religious or philosophical doctrines you've subscribed to in the past. This could mean a period of time this year where you rapidly Your sense of restlessness may be strong. Along with an increased desire for freedom there could be wanderlust to travel abroad in search of exciting ways to express your individuality. You might have a sudden meeting with a person from another culture or religious background that disrupts your mode of thinking and challenges you to consider alternative ethics. There is the potential for a break in any type of formal study if you're currently enrolled in University or a certification course. You might suddenly decide to switch majors or out of the blue relocate to another campus. The most positive manifestation of this energy will result in a more independent level of consciousness unbound by the opinions or ideals of anyone else. Chiron in Aries (4° Ari 21'R) Chiron in the Eighth House Chiron in your Solar Return chart indicates an area of difficulty that is likely to come up over this twelve-month period until your next birthday where there will be also an opportunity to heal. With Chiron placed in the Eighth House this year, the healing emphasis is on issues of intimacy and personal evolution.

16 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA With this placement of Chiron in your Solar Return chart, it is possible that over the course of this year-long period of time you will encounter painful feelings of lack of acceptance and of self-worth that are triggered by intimate relationships with others, or by more deeply investigating your own psyche. You are on an important path of evolution this year, one in which early childhood trauma might be revealed to you for the purpose of moving past it. These intimations of discomfort at hidden levels of your being could be subtle or else perhaps more obviously troubling, but either way you are likely to make progress with some ancient issues that were long neglected. pay closer attention to habitual defensive behaviors such as talking around an issue or using other people before they have a chance to use you. Your journey toward the discovery of your true emotions, the poignant and vital basis of your inner life, is ultimately the most important one for you, and provides rich rewards as you begin to more consciously experience these inner depths of your being. Acceptance of your dark places is the prelude to greater integration and wholeness and also the key to more successful stages of intimacy with another. You might for example experience a strong compulsion for intimate connection with a significant other that does not easily find its realization. You might feel as though you are wounded in your sexuality in some fashion, possibility through recollecting troubling early experiences and beginning to explore them more fully. These may have included physical or emotional abuse. You might be finally ready to deal with patterns where being close to other people becomes both desired and painful. Power struggles in relationship represents one more area that could come up over the course of this year-long period of time for greater acceptance, understanding, and eventual healing. You might see more clearly into your own hidden motivations, or begin to Other Aspects Mercury in strong conjunction (within 1.3 degrees) with Venus The strongest blend of the energies represented by these two planets. With Mercury conjunct Venus in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period leading up to your next birthday there is an emphasis on harmonious and diplomatic communication patterns, particularly in your closest relationships. This is a year in which you are prone to a genuine love of learning. You speak and think like a polished official and are able to

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