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Solar Return Angela

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21 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA greater emotional intensity than normally, and for a purpose; as you come to a deeper sense of intimacy with yourself and others, and a more fully established concept of your own self-worth, you will emerge with a better handle on your own personal power. There could also be challenges to face in the form of financial ups and downs this year. You and potentially your partner may also be challenged over the course of this year-long period to come into some new way of being together with each other. If either of you are unwilling to go down and do some serious digging within your psyche then you will be encouraged by circumstances to do so. In the course of this year you might each be able to realize that you are only limited by your own inability to trust and to allow true intimacy. Much can be done to encourage a more positive manifestation of your relationship energy as the year unfolds. You can truly experience the power and the magic of healing love. Mars in trine (within 5.5 degrees) with Pluto The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. With Mars in flowing aspect to Pluto in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday your actions are heavily influenced by your unconscious desires. Issues of power and control could manifest. This can definitely be a good thing if you use this potent energy wisely, without ego, as a means to achieve major success in life. Your ambition is powerful this year. In fact, you could find that you are more prone than normally to step on anyone or anything that gets in the way of what you want. Be cautious if this is where you guess that you might be heading; it's a great time to temper your strong willpower with restraint. It is also possible that you become entangled over the course of this year in issues of sexual power and control. Your sexuality is almost certain to be intensified. This is a year-long period when events may transpire that lead you to gain a better understanding of your own deeper psychological motivations. This can help you to achieve an active breakthrough that ultimately promotes your own well-being. The urge to better know yourself and the drive to dig into deeper levels of your psyche can lead you to a profound awareness of your inner strength. It is a truism that if you can master your will, great things are possible. This is a time for you of great transformation, of remembering that no one needs to control you and nor do you need to control anyone else to achieve what you want out of life.

22 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA Jupiter in semi-sextile (within 2.0 degrees) with Saturn The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. With Jupiter in minor dynamic aspect to Saturn in your Solar Return chart, over this twelve-month period until your next birthday, any emphasis on expansion in your life might be tempered with caution and obligation. In some way this year, your basic optimism might be offset by the realization that you need to move forward more slowly. You might feel your efforts thwarted, or find that you must take a step or two back and plan out a better course of action. Your faith in yourself and in your project might be tried, but despite the limitations that cross you, over these twelve months you can still achieve phenomenal success. This happens by dint of hard work rather than the path of ease however. There is the potential to achieve enduring and lasting growth over the course of this yearlong period, since you are able to balance optimism with realism. This healthy outlook is a steadfast and realistic way to achieve your goals. You benefit by realizing that if you plan and do your work in a certain order that is called for, every step leads you closer to the ultimate prize. As long as you are willing to do the necessary work first, you will then be free to optimistically reach for the stars. Saturn in sextile (within 3.3 degrees) with Neptune The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. With Saturn in flowing aspect to Neptune in your Solar Return chart, over this twelvemonth period until your next birthday there is an emphasis on dream work, grounding ideals into physical manifestation, and finding a sense of practical reality in all that you cannot touch or see. This is especially true if strong aspects from Saturn or Neptune exist also to the personal planets, Sun through Mars. It is possible that at some time during the year, you will find yourself defining or placing limits within certain areas of your life that you know realize are in need of a more solida framework. One potential consequence is that by the end of this period of time your future plans become more fully grounded into a realistic and practical approach.With Saturn conjunct Neptune in your Solar Return chart, over this next twelve month period there is an emphasis on placing structures and a sense of grounding to all that you cannot touch or see. Over this year-long period, as you learn to reconcile this energy, you are apt to find that you more easily "go with the flow". You will

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