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Solar Return Angela

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27 SOLAR RETURN REPORT FOR ANGELA If you have the urge to dominate or to be in complete control, there could be issues simmering under the surface which are only now coming to light, as signaled by the presence of this configuration. This is a time when you might begin to be more obvious in your acting out, and when as a consequence you might also begin to transform your desire for control into a more integrated and normalized approach that allows healthy skepticism to replace the clenched fist of rebellion. personal control and authority. When you do so, your progress is nothing less than aweinspiring. You may begin this period of time by feeling bitterly restricted in some capacity, as if the universe were stripping you to bare bones and forcing to do "do without.". The structure of your life is changing in some profound way, and this may frustrate you at first. Over the course of this year however, what you will learn is that this paucity is actually a blessing in disguise. You might discover how to take the most humble material setting and transform it into bounty through sheer will. If you choose to dwell in your limits and your resentment, you might feel as if your back is against the wall and you cannot make a single move toward achievement. The only way forward is to let go of previous assumptions and allow change to flow through you more willingly. The potential for you to reach enduring regeneration is high this year, but only by learning to work within the limits of your

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